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Attending: Michael Gettes, Steve Olshansky, Steve Carmody, Ian Young, Scott Cantor, Jim Jokl, Tom Barton, Jim Basney, David Walker, Keith Hazelton

With: Dean Woodbeck, Nick Roy, Tom Scavo, IJ Kim, Paul Caskey, Ann West

Minutes Review

Approved minutes from Jan 7, 2016, and Jan. 21, 2016.

TAC Membership

The discussion continued about TAC membership and the new TAC members. It was agreed that this meeting would focus only on developing a list of voting members to send to Steering for approval. The list to Steering will include:

Seven continuing voting members

  1. Tom Barton

  2.  Scott Cantor

  3.  Steven Carmody

  4.  Michael Gettes

  5.  Keith Hazelton

  6.  Jim Jokl

  7.  Chris Misra

Six proposed new voting members

  1. Janemarie Duh

  2. Walter Hoehn

  3. Kim Milford

  4. Tom Mitchell

  5. Mark Scheible

  6. Albert Wu

Steve Carmody will contact the six new members about joining TAC and will report on whether he receives positive responses from each. If he does, he will forward the list as a recommendation to Steering for the February 1, 2016, Steering meeting. When sending the list to Steering, he will include a note about TAC having worked to broaden community representation with the new members.

TAC Officers

TAC will elect new officers after the new members join (tentatively Feb. 4)

Standing Ops TAC Working Group

Steve Carmody will recruit one or more TAC members to draft a charter for this WG.

IAM Online - Jan. 27

This IAM Online included several working group reports and a summary from the TAC’s work in 2015.

In an informal poll as part of the webinar, attendees were asked about whether TAC should establish working groups in several areas. The one with the most interest is migrating from Shib IdPv2 to v3 without breaking interoperability. On the webinar, Brendan Bellina and Rob Spellman volunteered to develop a charter.

The second highest number of votes supported work on deploying user consent for attribute release.

Next Meeting - Feb. 4, 2016



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