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Attending: Ian Young, Michael Gettes, Jim Jokl, Chris Misra, Steve Carmody, Scott Cantor, Tom Barton, Keith Hazelton, Jim Basney, Ken Klingenstein, Mike LaHaye, David Walker

With: Paul Caskey, Tom Scavo, Steve Zoppi, Ann West, Emily Eisbruch, IJ Kim, Nick Roy, Mike Zawacki, Dean Woodbeck, Kevin Morooney

IdP of Last Resort - REFEDS has a group pursuing this.

NSF announcement - Congratulations to Von Welch and Jim Basney on the NSF grant renewing funding for a Security Center of Excellence. Research projects collaborating with campus IT, security (REN-ISAC), and identity with InCommon.

TAC Membership

There was extensive discussion about the nominees and nominating process. Discussion topics included the criteria listed in the TAC charter and the need for representation from various communities that are active and important to the work of InCommon. The TAC developed a short list of potential nominees, but more discussion is needed. An off-week call will be held on Thursday, Jan. 28, at 1 pm ET to finish the conversation.

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