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Attending: Ian Young, Michael Gettes, Jim Jokl, Chris Misra, Scott Cantor, Mike LaHaye, Keith Hazelton, Jim Basney, David Walker, Steve Olshansky

With: Tom Scavo, Paul Caskey, Nick Roy

Approved Dec. 17, 2015, minutes


As of January 4, 2016, Kevin Morooney is the new Internet2 vice president for trust and identity, with responsibility for both InCommon and TIER.

eduGAIN - We are coming up on next milestone for the eduGAIN rollout. InCommon will import eduGAIN metadata to the preview aggregate starting January 15. Tom Scavo is sending a note to site admins about the import and asking them to point test deployments at the preview aggregate

Metadata aggregator software - Ian did a tooling update on the eduGAIN aggregator software based on the Shibboleth metadata aggregator update

Tom S has started tracking IdPs that are opting out and SPs opting in to eduGAIN and shared the latest report (7 IdPs have opted out and 26 SPs have opted in). Tom has contacted some site admins with questions about their choices, mainly to see if there is confusion among site admins..

Shibboleth IdPv3 - Tom S. shared a report that includes the number of IdPs running Shib v3 and the number on v2. He will run this summary regularly and post it to a wiki page.

Operations Working Group

TAC agreed to immediately proceed with chartering a standing working group focused on operations, consisting of TAC members and subject-matter experts.

TAC Membership

TAC continued the discussion from Dec. 17, 2015, concerning how TAC will be constituted under the new charter and how members will be nominated and appointed. A proposal was floated on December 17, but there was no consensus.

Steve Carmody sent notices in mid-December and again in early January requesting nominations for potential TAC members from the community. The deadline for nominations is January 20, 2016, and TAC members are encouraged to contact people they know who might be interested and qualified. TAC agreed that the full list of nominees will be sent to Steering, noting which nominees TAC recommends for appointment.

TAC voted to adopt the following method for constituting TAC membership for 2016:

  1. One-third of the current TAC membership are not eligible for membership, based on the new charter (David Walker, Mike LaHaye, Ian Young, Ken Klingenstein) and will roll off of TAC
  2. New appointees will comprise one-third of TAC membership and be appointed to three-year terms
  3. Current TAC members wishing to continue will be assigned to one- and two-year terms.
  4. Current TAC members will review the pool of applicants and choose a set of people to forward to Steering. This process should facilitate a continuity and steady evolution to the new model (e.g. strike a balance between new and old members), while seeking broader representation.

TAC members are also asked to nominate people to serve on TAC as subject-matter experts by sending nominees and any supporting information to by January 20. These appointments will be subject to a vote by TAC.

(AI) Dean contact each current TAC member to determine their interested in continuing, as well a whether they have a preference for either a one- or two-year term. TAC members should not feel pressure to remain on TAC. Dean will report back to TAC by January 20.

(AI) David will send the list of nominations to TAC by the end of the day January 20.

Next Meeting - January 21, 2016 - 1 pm ET

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