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InCommon Technical Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes - August 6, 2015

Attending: Steve Carmody, Ian Young, Keith Hazelton, Tom Barton, David Walker, Jim Basney, Steve Olshansky

With: Dean Woodbeck, Tom Scavo, IJ Kim, Paul Caskey, Nick Roy, Ann West, Steve Zoppi

Action Items

(AI) Steve Carmody and Paul Caskey will draft a charge for a working group to talk with community members having problems instantiating or supporting an IdP for the next TAC meeting.


The minutes from July 23, 2015, were accepted.

eduGAIN update

The candidate Participation Agreement and FOPP have gone to Steering. There was a concerted effort to include only changes that are necessary and specific to eduGAIN. The main changes involve the liability section and the addition of an indemnification clause. Once Steering votes on these changes, participants have 90 days to decide whether to accept the new PA, propose changes related to their own situation, or drop out of InCommon. Steering did not vote on the documents, but asked for a small working group consisting mainly of campus attorneys to review and advise. The target date for a vote is August 31.

Steering approved the eduGAIN Intent Statement.

Attribute release and advocating for adoption of global R&S will be part of the eduGAIN communications.

TAC will be asked to review and contribute to the FAQ, other documents, and proposed changes to the Federation Manager interface. The goal is to have all of the documentation ready on August 30, in anticipation of the Steering vote.

Roadmap for Operationalizing eduGAIN

The Roadmap for Operationalizing eduGAIN continues to evolve. The current important milestone date is December 1, when the import and export of metadata will being. The Federation Manager interface will change by November 3, allowing early adopters to participate in eduGAIN as of December 1. These dates are all contingent on the date that Steering approves the changed Participation Agreement.

TAC was asked to provide feedback on the proposed changes to the Federation Manager user interface (see “Export Options” on the Roadmap wiki page). A general comment was to include links to general informaiton about eduGAIN.

Making Shib Easy

There was a discussion about the effort to determine how to make Shibboleth easier to implement. Ann West outlined two emerging general issues:

  1. The need to understand what makes Shib hard - what issues to implementers face (environment? UI? other?). Once that is understood, we can develop a set of requirements.

  2. Is containerization or a pre-configured virtual machine the way to go? What do we need to do when we create something like this? What will we need to do in terms of support (regular updates? security patches?). TIER is also exploring this concept, including setting up a working group.

This led to a discussion about whether TAC should charge a working group to talk with community members having problems instantiating or supporting an IdP. Should we survey participants about their use of Shib and the problems they encounter? (AI) Steve Carmody and Paul Caskey will draft a charge for such a group for the next TAC meeting.

Steve Zoppi reported that TIER has identified Shibboleth and Grouper as the best opportunities to make a positive set of changes. An effort to enhance the ability of smaller institutions to adopt/deploy Shibboleth aligns well with TIER. It will be important to coordinate this working group with TIER.

Next Meeting - Thursday, August 20, 2015 - 1 pm ET

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