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InCommon TAC Minutes - May 14, 2015

Attending: Keith Hazelton, Jim Jokl, Steve Carmody, Ian Young, Nick Roy, Scott Cantor, Mike LaHaye, David Walker, Tom Barton

With: Steve Zoppi, Tom Scavo, IJ Kim, Ann West

Action Items

(AI) TAC will begin revisiting the question of “what’s next for TAC” in preparation for recruiting new members (with Nick and Paul joining the InCommon staff).

TAC Minutes

Accepted/approved making publish the minutes from from April 2, April 16, April 28.

Staffing Update

Ann reported that Nick Roy is the new Director of Technology and Strategy for InCommon and Paul Caskey is the new Program Manager for Community Trust. Both will start in mid-June.

(AI) TAC will begin revisiting the question of “what’s next for TAC” in preparation for recruiting new members (with Nick and Paul joining the InCommon staff)

R&S Application from Springshare

TAC approved the Springshare application for R&S. Staff will talk with Springshare about using ePPN rather than email address as an identifier

Working Group Updates

IdP of Last Resort (Keith) - The candidate final draft is out to the working group. Deadline for comments is May 18.

External Identities (David) - Eric Goodman released the report for community review. Eric may join the TAC call on May 28 to discuss the report and answer any questions.

eduGAIN Process

Tom Scavo has developed a technical roadmap, which needs to now be integrated with communications and policy plans. The proposed changes to the Participation Agreement and FOPP are with Internet2 legal for review and should be finished in late June or early July. The communications effort needs to be developed, beginning with finishing the intent paper that was started by the eduGAIN policy working group. Once the intent paper is finished and published, we can start communicating to the community.

The community concerns heard from informal conversations thus far include:

      Will I have control over who I federate with? (yes) Will there be restrictions on attribute release to SPs in certain countries? What are the requirements for aligning with EU privacy laws? What advice, recommendations, and guidance will InCommon provide?

Next TAC Work Items

IdPv3 and Making Federation Easier - There are calls coming up with Ellucian and Azure AD which will provide additional data, so this discussion was deferred to a future TAC meeting.

Federation Standards and Practices Working Group - Nick drafted a working group charter. This WG emerged from a discussion about synthesizing the recommendations that have come out of recent working groups concerning baseline practices, expectations, assurance, per-entity capabilities, and more. The intent is to devise a structure for this group that will allow simultaneous work and progress on various efforts. The WG will also ensure alignment with REFEDS activities and also an MFA profile effort that may spin up in the CSG.

The baseline practices are key to the new Internet2 Trust and Identity Catalyst Program, which is scheduled to be implemented in January 2016. The intent is to have at least an outline (or version 1) of baseline practices by early September 2015.

Federated Incident Response - Tom Barton has outlined via email a two-phase program of work leading to federated incident response. GEANT (Licia Florio) has work going on in this area, as well. Under the plan, the SirTiFi working group would become a steering group for the federated incident response effort.

REFEDS Steering

Ken Klingenstein’s term on the REFEDS steering group has expired and Tom Barton has been appointed.

Next Meeting - Thursday, May 28, 2015 - 1 pm ET / Noon CT / 11 am MT / 10 am PT


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