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InCommon Technical Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Attending: David Walker, Michael Gettes, Steve Carmody, Jim Jokl, Scott Cantor, Mike LaHaye, Paul Caskey, Steve Olshansky, Tom Barton

With: Dean Woodbeck, Tom Scavo, IJ Kim, Nate Klingenstein

Ops Update

The “Registered by InCommon Category” entity attribute will be added to the preview aggregate April 17, and to the production aggregate April 24. An open question is whether this should be exported to eduGAIN.

Tom S. discussed the Global R&S migration. There are four IdPs that have migrated to global R&S. We will be communication about this in earnest around May 5. Documentation is in place.

New Entities WG Final Report

Jim Jokl shared the report and there was some discussion about general changes. The main point of discussion was clarity about an attribute that designates a minor (under 13). It should be clarified that entities should be prepared to handle the attribute, that an SP can require the attribute, but that the IdP is ultimately responsible for deciding whether to pass the attribute. Jim will distribute changes via email.

External Identities Working Group

The draft report is available. David will invite the chair, Eric Goodman, to the TAC meeting on May 14.

Catalyst program discussion

Steve Carmody gave a brief introduction to the Catalyst Program, which is part of transitioning the InCommon Affiliate Program to the Internet2 Industry Program. Some affiliates have offerings that are appropriate for Net+, but some do not. This is a way to keep them involved and to provide a type of certification. TAC’s role in this will be to provide the criteria for certification via the proposed Baseline Practices Working Group. Dean will distribute a fuller explanation of the program to TAC. There is likely overlap between this proposed working group and the proposed Trustmarks Working Group, which Jacob Farmer will discuss with TAC at the face-to-face meeting at the Global Summit.


The meeting is Tuesday, April 28, 3-5 pm ET.

InCommon Priorities

There was discussion of the prioritized priorities list from the Steering Programs Subcommittee. One issue to consider is InCommon’s role in IdPs migrating to v3, which is not specifically addressed (although Shib v3 is mentioned, and this touches on several of the priorities).

Next Meeting - Tuesday, April 28, 2015 - 3-5 pm - Internet2 Global Summit

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