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InCommon Technical Advisory Committee Meeting February 19, 2015

Attending: Steve Olshansky, Steve Carmody, Nick Roy, Jim Jokl, Keith Hazelton, Tom Barton, David Walker

With: Dean Woodbeck, Tom Scavo, IJ Kim, Nate Klingenstein, Steve Zoppi

Action Items

(AI) Steve Carmody will send email recruiting a chair for the Metadata Distribution WG

(AI) Ann will talk to Jacob Farmer about participating in developing the charter for the Baseline Practices WG.

(AI) Steve Carmody will send email to TAC with information about the proposed Baseline Practices WG.

Ops Update

SAML 2 – Tom Scavo reported there are just 9 IdPs that don’t yet support SAML 2. He is working with them to make the shift.

MD-RPI – Completing the introduction of MD-RPI into the metadata aggregates today. So far there no reports of any problems or concerns. In discussing MD-RPI, there is concern that organizations may begin to build policy around this element (e.g. registration authority information). The New Entities WG has talked about use cases in this area and its report should be ready for discussion on the next TAC call.

REFEDS R&S – There are just 4 R&S SPs to migrate to REFEDS R&S nad the multivalued entity attribute. It is expected that 2 of these SPs may not migrate. The next step will be working with IdPs on migration and developing a communications and engagement strategy to move this forward.

InCommon Staffing

Ann reported on two new positions posted for InCommon staff: a director of technology and strategy (with both operational and strategic responsibilities), and a “community trust and practices” position that will be responsible for the certificate service, assurance, and raising the trust level across InCommon. She hopes to have these filled by the Global Summit.

Metadata Distribution Working Group

TAC approved chartering this group. (AI) Steve Carmody will send email recruiting a chair.

TAC Work Plan

A small group is reviewing and revising the work plan with an eye toward what needs to be done this year, what could be delayed, and what needs better definition. The goal is to have this to the Steering Programs Subcommittee and then to full Steering by the April meeting.

There was some discussion of the IdP of Last Resort item and the possible expansion of the Google gateway for R&S SPs and also the feasibility of  UnitedID as an IdP of Last Resort targeted at research needs.

There was also discussion of chartering a Baseline Practices Working Group to define established practices and measuring compliance. Volunteers included Tom Scavo, Tom Barton, David Walker, and Steve Zoppi. (AI) Ann will talk to Jacob Farmer about participating. (AI) Steve Carmody will send email to TAC about this.

Next Meeting – Thurs., March 5, 2015 – 1 pm ET




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