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InCommon TAC Meeting 2014-10-29

Attending: Scott Cantor, David Walker, Steve Carmody, Nick Roy, Keith Hazelton, Mike LaHaye, Steve Olshansky, Jim Basney, Tom Barton, Jim Jokl, Paul Caskey, Ken Klingenstein, Michael Gettes

With: John Krienke, Dean Woodbeck, IJ Kim, Nate Klingenstein, Steve Zoppi, Tom Scavo, Ann West

The goal for this meeting is to discuss strategic priorities and operational trajectories for 2015.

Michael Gettes reported on the work being done by the Steering Program Subcommittee sorting out what falls under the InCommon umbrella and what may be moved to TIER.

Ann West reported on the proposal to integrate the InCommon Affiliate Program with the Internet2 Industry Program, which was presented to Steering this week. The goal is to reduce confusion, grow the program, reduce duplicative efforts. The proposal includes four options for affiliates:

  1. Affiliates with a cloud IAM-related service to sell can join the Internet2 NET+ program
  2. Affiliates with a non-cloud IAM-related service could become a NET+ service provider in the Trust and Identity portfolio in a yet-to-be-defined subcategory
  3. Affiliates will be able to join the proposed Internet2 Catalyst Program (part of the Internet2 Industry Program) to signal support for best practices. The goal is to create community-approved best practices and engage corporate service providers in implementation
  4. Affiliates could become a member of Internet2 as an industry member

The rest of the day’s discussions concerned the 2015 potential priorities and operational trajectories. This will be further refined during the November 13 TAC call, then sent to Steering.

Next Meeting – Thursday, Nov. 13, 2014 – 1 pm ET


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