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InCommon TAC Meeting 2014-October-16

Attending: Jim Basney, Steve Olshansky, Scott Cantor, David Walker, Nick Roy, Jim Jokl, Keith Hazelton, Paul Caskey, Michael Gettes

With: Ann West, Dean Woodbeck, Tom Scavo, IJ Kim, John Krienke, Steve Zoppi, Joe St Sauver

TIER Update

Steve Zoppi reported on the RUCC meeting at EDUCAUSE, with 42 out of 42 attendees expressing support for the “case for TIER.” 23 committed to financial support; Shel is going to reaffirm that with each campus

There are three workshops tentatively planned for the next two months, where CIOs and architects will attend together to discuss and help shape TIER. Current planning calls for a mid-November session in Indiana, a late-November session in Philadelphia, and an early December gathering in San Francisco. This will be 1.5-day sessions and will cover both technology and policy issues.


TAC reaffirmed a face-to-face at TechEx (Wednesday, Oct. 29, 10:30 am – 1:30 pm). One agenda item is to revive the strategic planning discussion and set out the important operational priorities for 2015. There will also be discussion of various issues that have come up recently, including the federation’s role in enforcement, monitoring, and best practices.

MediaCore as an R&S SP

There was discussion about MediaCore’s application to become an R&S SP, with concerns about whether the service fits the R&S definition and whether a contracted service can ever be included in R&S. While InCommon R&S excludes instructional services, as contrasted with scholarship, REFEDS does not seem to make that distinction.

(AI) Tom Scavo and Steve Carmody will clarify the REFEDS R&S definition.

There has also been concern expressed about the potential for attribute reuse by SPs. Section 9 of the InCommon participation agreement (PA) prohibits this, but SPs tagged as R&S by another federation have not signed the PA. The European Union’s privacy laws cover this. There is a suggestion to tag SPs that come from the U.S. and countries within the EU. This will be an item for the TAC F2F.

R&S Survey Results

Tom Scavo presented the results of the R&S survey, which are linked from the agenda above.

Per-Entity Metadata Pilot

John Krienke reported that all of the technology is in place, with a couple of back-end issues to work out with Amazon Web Services. He also suggested the Metadata Distribution working group may be reconstituted.

This is also a potential ACAMP topic

Supporing LIGO

There is a meeting scheduled with LIGO next week to discuss their requirements and how the federation can help.

Next Meeting – Weds, Oct. 29, 2014 – F2F@TechEx

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