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InCommon Technical Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Attending: Steve Carmody, David Walker, Michael Gettes, Keith Hazelton, Scott Cantor, Ian Young, Tom Barton, Jim Basney

With: Tom Scavo, Dean Woodbeck, Ann West, IJ Kim, John Krienke

Certificate Service Next Steps: This discussion deferred to the next call.

Document vetting process

David Walker reviewed the draft of a document vetting process proposed for TAC.

This would also relate to work that Bob Morgan did some years ago involving standards for versioning. Scott will see if he can find the model that Bob proposed and whether it might be incorporated with David’s work. TAC will review in two weeks.

Middleware Website

There was discussion about the status of the information contained at prior to the format change last fall. The discussion centered on the need to have at least part of that information restored. There are some documents that incorporate standards and need to have a stable URL. We need to prioritize what needs to be addressed now, and then address the older items. (AI) Dean/Tom S will provide Steven with a copy of the old website, or some way to view the content.

Proposed New TAC Meeting Time

Steve is looking for a new meeting time to avoid a conflict involving some TAC members and staff. So far, an hour earlier on Thursday (1 pm ET) works for those that have responded to the Doodle poll.

Priorities – Steering Program Subcommittee

The Steering Program Subcommittee has developed some working documents based on the TAC goals and strategies document. Steve has created a Google doc showing the subcommittee’s work and asking for TAC to review, provide comments, and fill in gaps. Please make sure you are logged into the document, or use the comment feature, to enable tracking of the authors of changes.

In addition to setting out goals for 2014, this document will also be used by Jack Suess and Klara Jelinkova, both on InCommon Steering and both members of the Internet2 board of trustees (and its program/priorities committee). This document will help guide discussions taking place in that Internet2 board committee.

Steering will discuss this document again on March 3, with the goal of approving at its face-to-face meeting at the Internet2 Global Summit in early April.

Next Meeting – Thursday, Feb. 20 – 2 pm ET | 1 pm CT | Noon MT | 11 am PT
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