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TAC Meeting Minutes - April 12, 2018

Attending: Mark Scheible, Matt Brookover, Mike Grady, Eric Kool-Brown, Janemarie Duh, Judith Bush, Keith Wessel, Heather Flanagan

With: Nick Roy, Chris Phillips (CANARIE/CAF/CACTI), David Shafer, Ann West, IJ Kim, David Walker, Dean Woodbeck, Steve Zoppi, Kevin Morooney

Ops Update

  • Two releases of the FM over the last week.

  • Have had a couple of requests to reassign metadata from one organization to another. Automating that process is on the roadmap (which would relieve a manual RA process). It is low on the priority list right now, but will move up if more requests come in

  • Shannon sent a note to site admins and execs promoting a private wiki space for information sharing about software security issues

Internet2 T&I Updates

  • The Trust and Identity showcase at Global Summitt will feature TIER Campus Success Program campuses on Monday of GS, then other topics on Tuesday and Wednesday.

  • There is a TIER CIO and Campus Success Program CIO meeting Monday morning at Global Summit

  • We’re working through Baseline Expectations, particularly with CTAB on processes (like reinstatement)

  • Ann will upload a link to the most recent progress on metadata health checks

  • The latest Trust and Identity portfolio update is on the wiki

International Activities

  • Heather reported that the RA21 group has starting testing globally

  • RA21 will hold a workshop in Philadelphia on April 27, including demos. Remote participation is available and there is no cost. Sign up here (remote supported)

  • REFEDS agenda is out for TNC

  • Looking for chairs for a couple of REFEDS working groups

Working Group Updates

  • Attributes for Collaboration and Federation - Mark Scheible - The group is working through its recommendations document and preparing for a public comment.

  • Deployment Profile - Keith Wessel - A community consultation is open through May 9 on the recommended changes to SAML2-int. Will review feedback after Global Summit.

  • The OpenID Foundation has chartered a working group focused on higher ed use cases. Nick plans to attend the first meeting

  • Streamlining SP Onboarding - Janemarie Duh - doing prep work for a community review of the deliverables.

TAC Charter Changes

Proposed changes to TAC charter

AI: Need TAC to review and indicate approval on the wiki page

ADFS in Federations

Chris Phillips, wearing his hat from the Canadian Access Federation, provided a presentation about work on an ADFSToolkit, being jointly run by CAF and SWAMID, the access management federation in Sweden. Chris reviewed the drivers behind creation of the toolkit, including a proposal to Ontario for educational access to the services.

Also, ADFS, while small in the number of institutions using it, is growing. The ADFSToolkit provides a way for ADFS to process metadata, support R&S and other entity categories, and provide for attribute release. The toolkit is intended to augment support for federation, not replace Shibboleth. The goal is to begin deputizing ADFS, vs. demonizing the product.

The ADFSToolkit is published in Github. Chris’s slides are published on the agenda above.       

Next Meeting - Thursday, April 26 - 1 pm ET

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