InCommon Webinar

Title: Shibbolizing EZProxy and Developing Best Practices for Library Service Providers

Presenter: David Kennedy, Duke University

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2010 Mid-Atlantic EDUCAUSE

Title: Shibboleth and EZProxy Case Study

Presenter: Andy Ingham, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

Presentations -- Using Shibboleth in a Library Infrastructure

These presentations include information on using Shibboleth in a library setting.

Educause 2008

Title: Improving Access to and Manageability of Electronic Resources

Presenter: Holly Eggleston, UC San Diego

Abstract: Librarians look to provide users with an integrated browsing experience across an increasingly complex set of distributed services, from both on and off campus. The InCommon Library/Shibboleth project worked to identify current problems and explore how using a Federated Identity approach (the Shibboleth system) could address these problems and provide additional functionality.

Internet2 Fall Membership Meeting 2008

Title: Shibboleth: Improving Access for Library Users

Presenter: Holly Eggleston, UC San Diego

Abstract: Access to library online resources and services has skyrocketed as opportunities for distance learning and the user expectations for availability of online information have increased. Providing access to these resources requires substantial time and resources by libraries, as well as often being complex for the users. The InCommon Library/Shibboleth project was started in 2007 to explore the issues in implementing access to library services and electronic resources using Shibboleth authentication. This session will highlight the work done by the project since its inception.

ALA Annual Meeting 2008

Presenter: Holly Eggleston, UC San Diego

Presentation given at the OCLC EZProxy User Meet-and-Greet

NASIG Annual Meeting 2008

Title: Simplifying licensed resource access through Shibboleth

Presenter: Holly Eggleston, UC San Diego

Abstract: Libraries spend a lot of time and effort troubleshooting and maintaining access to their licensed electronic resources, from solving remote access issues to managing lists of IP ranges with vendors. This session will highlight the work being done by the InCommon Library/Shibboleth Project, a multi-institutional effort piloting the use of Shibboleth to provide single sign-on access to library resources.

ALA Midwinter Meeting 2008

Title: Beyond the IP address: Shibboleth and electronic resources

Presenter: Holly Eggleston, UC San Diego

Presentation file: ALA Midwinter Presentation, January 2008

Abstract: LITA Standards Interest Group

CNI 2007

Title: Adding Shibboleth to an Existing Library Services Access Control Infrastructure / Shibboleth and Library Resources

Presenter: David Kennedy, University of Maryland

Abstract: Campus libraries use a patchwork of approaches to enforce access control to licensed resources; the list usually includes IP-based access control, proxies for access from off-campus, VPN, userids and passwords, REFERER_URL, etc. Each of these approaches is problematic and creates confusion for users. The standards-based Shibboleth federating and single sign-on software was developed to address the shortcomings of these methods while maintaining the privacy of the patron.

Adoption of Shibboleth as a higher education standard across much of western Europe has encouraged major information vendors to support it in production. Libraries are now asking about the potential policy, business practice and value, technology, and user experience issues that would have to be addressed if they were to add Shibboleth to their existing access control framework. This session will present the findings of librarians and information technology staff from five campuses (Cornell University, Pennsylvania State University, the University of Maryland, the University of Chicago, and the University of California at San Diego) who have been working together to explore these questions.

Internet2, Fall Membership Meeting 2007

Title: Enabling Access to Applications with Shibboleth

Presenter: Holly Eggleston, UC San Diego

Presentation file: Internet2 Presentation, October 2007

Abstract: Campuses are moving to integrate the Shibboleth System to support web single sign-on into their existing access control frameworks and manage the access to on- and off-site online services. University of California, San Diego will present the results of a multi-campus effort exploring the issues with integrating Shibboleth into their existing library-managed infrastructure that controls access to externally-licensed resources.

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