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Why use Shibboleth

  • Presentations
    • NASIG 2008
    • ALA Midwinter 2008
    • CNI Winter 2007
    • Internet2 Membership Meeting, Autumn 2007
  • White Papers
    • Library reasons for using shibboleth
    • Provide information, from the library perspective, on how to talk with central IT about library advantages to adopting Shibboleth and federating.
    • links to resources to give to their IT departments that illustrate benefits, outside of the library, why a Shib-enabled campus is good.

Implementing Shibboleth at your institution

  • Shibboleth Web site
  • EDUCAUSE Identify Management mailing list - particularly those that have not implemented Shibboleth at their institutions and need the campus-level perspective. From this conversation, EDUCAUSE appears to be the best source of "campus-wide" implementation information

Joining a federation

  • Provide information on how to federate with a vendor/service provider
  • InCommon

Using Shibboleth in your Library 

  • Shibboleth enabled Vendors (vendor contact information, Service Provider Shib log-in pages)
  • EZProxy
  • Library/Shibboleth Pilot Campus Examples     
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