December 18, 2013


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Review of EduGain Policy Framework Declaration
Any other business


Warren, Ian, Paul, Tom, Steven, Mark, SteveO


Declaration point-by-point:

6. Tom asks if it is just the metadata registration practice statement or the participation agreements are also included. Ian answers that it could be both. Tom ask if the metadata registration practice statement is not required to be in the metadata itself. Ian answers that that's in the metadata profile document, but may be optional in the metadata. Each participating federation provides a link for a policy document.

7. Basically says that no additional rules of behavior are implied for member entities of participating federation by joining edugain. Therefore, if one does not like the way a federation operates, one can simply remove their metadata from the edugain feed.

8. Steve asks if there have been any complaints about members in UK. Ian says it's only been a month, but there has been no complaint and he does not expect any. Some effort to deal with metadata that is not "up to snuff". Most use at this point is for non-critical applications, so the pressure is relatively low. Steven thinks that this might begin to change when their are applications that are seen to be of higher stakes. That might be a decade or more away.

9. Warren thinks it's odd that there is no extra legal obligation when we are getting legal advice on this. Ian says that this is really a statement that federations are not going to require or expect legal obligations of other federations or their members. Tom points out that there are existing agreements between federations and participants that need to be honored an

10. Straightforward, no discussion.

11. Tom finds this to be strange - as a federation one wants participants to sort out issues without intervention from the federation. Warren reads this as eduGain wanting to take the same stance between participating federations - if there a disagreement between federations eduGain will not be responsible for resolving it.

12. Related, but note quite directly addressed, is the question of publishers or other international businesses. InCommon charges a fee but other federations, like the UK federation, don't. Does this mean that the business model for InCommon changes if we join eduGain? Ian thinks so - there are no barriers to businesses being published in other federations. Warren points out that international research VOs are in the same boat. Tom points out that REAP(?) service (managed by REFEDS) is scheduled to go into production in 2014, so that's another option. Ian is a member of that project. He is unsure how federation operators will interact. Currently there is a chicken and egg problem - until there is something worth consuming it's not worth figuring out. 

13. Not a point that people are concerned about - seems to be more to do with distinguishing withdrawal from failure to propagate metadata.


1. Next telecon on Jan. 8

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