December 4, 2013


12 Noon Eastern, 9AM Pacific, 5PM UK

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+1-734-615-7474 (English I2, Please use if you do not pay for Long Distance),

+1-866-411-0013 (English I2, toll free US/Canada Only)

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  1. John leads discussion of eduGain Policy Framework wrt Code of Conduct
  2. Any other business
Attending: Warren, Ian, Tom, Scott, Steven, Chris, John, Steve 0, 
  1. John didn't get a chance to look at policy framework. Should we go through each policy document using this as a resource? Steve wants to know if legal is looking at policy documents. John replies that they were asked to look at the declaration. Steve asks if they are looking at the rest of the policy documents? John has recommended that they do that. Following up with legal council is on John's to-do list. They will look at things from corporate protections/mitigations perspective. Steven thinks that we should look through the documents because we will provide a different perspective. John thinks that we have insight into trust relationships that might not be had elsewhere. Steven points out that we might be able to help understand what are acceptable risks. Warren asks what the process should be? John suggests looking through declaration to begin with, since it will lead into the other dependent documents as they are referenced. Steven suggests that we use making this happen by April I2 meeting as the goal toward which we will strive. Warren and John are supportive of this. Ian has some additional review perspectives. The first is that 30 countries have signed already, so 22 would have to agree to change it. It should be seen as a "take it or leave it" choice. So the real question is "what can you do with this as it is?" Questions of how it could be made better are out of scope, at least on the shorter term. In the longer term, things could be different because eduGain governance model is being reviewed for change. John agrees that this is the correct perspective and that the lawyers are aware of this. Warren suggests that we start with the declaration next week as a reading assignment and discuss it and then proceed through subsequent documents as they are referenced on a week by week basis. Steven proposes adding the first referenced document as well. Ian suggests focusing attention on mandatory parts - declaration, constitution, upstream metadata profile. John suggests that we add web sso profile. Ian says it's not required. Ian thinks metadata profile will not be a real issue - the declaration and the constitution will be the parts of most interest. We agree to look at declaration next week. Chris asks if there will be any work toward technical interoperability going on concurrently? John says that is the plan. Steve asks if we will review both declaration and constitution next week. Warren says at least the declaration, but more if we can. Ian suggests being familiar with both since they are closely linked, but doubts we will get through more than the declaration in any detail.
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