DISCLAIMER: Rolling out MFA requirements among eRA users spanning hundreds of organizations is a massive undertaking. As the project unfolds, details shift. This guide reflects our best interpretation of eRA's latest plan as it happens. Things may change. If you are seeing different behaviors, please let us know at help@incommon.org.

1. Are my users accessing eRA via my IdP today?

Today, 93 InCommon Identity Providers are listed in the “Login with Federated Account” drop down on the eRA login page. Check the drop down list to see if your campus is there.

A. My campus is on the drop down list.

You most likely have users signing into eRA using your campus credential. Be ready to support your users through the September 15 transition. Continue to the following topics:

B. My campus is NOT on the drop down list.

Your users are not signing into eRA using your campus credential today. They most likely are signing in using their eRA-issued credential, called an eRA Commons account. 

  • (link coming soon) What happens if/when my user signs in with their eRA-issued credential?

When eRA expands the list to include all InCommon IdP on September 15, some users may attempt to try the “Login with Federated Account” option. Be prepared to respond to user support requests: 

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