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Response requested by Wednesday, February 15, 2023


From the InCommon Community and Trust Assurance Board:

In 2022,  InCommon adopted SIRTFI as part of the InCommon Baseline Expectations. Further, InCommon conducted its first cybersecurity cooperation exercise with ten participating organizations, practicing the SIRTFI security framework.

With the success of last year’s event, InCommon is continuing to offer opportunities for practicing cybersecurity cooperation using the SIRTFI framework. The goal is to help federation participants familiarize themselves with security incident response procedures in federated scenarios.

Invitation to participate in the SIRTFI Exercise Working Group

InCommon is seeking a broad spectrum of the international research and education community to join the SIRTFI Exercise Working Group. We seek perspectives from people and organizations with different responsibilities for and perspectives on security in research and education. This group will plan and conduct the exercises and report on lessons learned to the community. The group will meet bi-weekly.

Please forward this invitation to those who might wish to participate in this working group.

Expected working group deliverables

The Working Group is sponsored by the InCommon Community Trust and Assurance Board (CTAB). Deliverables include the following:

  • By Spring 2023, produce a detailed exercise plan with one or more exercises to be carried out in calendar year 2023.
  • With CTAB agreement, conduct exercises or training events in early Summer 2023 with a goal of reporting on lessons learned to TechEX in September 2023.
  • Working Group participants should feel free to consider alternative style learning events or the distributed table-top exercise.

Time frame

The Working Group organizational meeting will be in late February. An exercise is tentatively targeted for early Summer 2023, with possible subsequent events as the Group devises.

 How do I participate in the working group?

To participate, please submit your name, organization, and email address using the participation sign up form by Wednesday February 15 2023.

We will poll those who respond to find a suitable meeting time for the organizing session.

Publish DateJanuary 27, 2023
AuthorDavid Bantz