An InCommon participants registers and publishes its identity provider (IdP) and/or service provider (SP) entity metadata in the InCommon metadata (registry).  By registering, the participant authorizes InCommon to share that metadata with any person, organization, or system entity. A Participant may remove its metadata from the InCommon registry at any time.

To publish your metadata, sign into the InCommon Federation Manager web application to add your entity to the registry.

Additional Information

Every entity descriptor published by InCommon is annotated with a RegistrationInfo element that calls out the globally unique identifier of the registrar that registered the metadata. Metadata registered by the InCommon registrar is so marked. See MD-RPI Elements for specifics.

InCommon does not require Participants to include personally identifiable information (PII) in metadata. InCommon is not responsible for loss or misuse of PII in metadata.

InCommon routinely collects and publishes metadata from non-Participants. In particular, InCommon imports metadata from other R&E federations via eduGAIN. All metadata is tagged, annotated, and/or organized so that consumers may determine the source of individual entity descriptors.

See InCommon's Metadata Registration Practice Statement for details about the registration and publication process.

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