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Log into the Federation Manager as a site admin.

1. From the site home page (SA Dashboard), scroll down to find the "Add New Identity Provider button; click it to open the "New Identity Provider" page.

2. Enter the information in the form.

This is a long form. If this is your first time registering an IdP, take a moment to review the following topics and gather the necessary information before start data entry:

About the "Hide from Discovery" entity attribute

One of the available entity attributes is "Hide From Discovery". Checking this value signals to discovery services that you do not wish your IdP to be displayed to users as one of the available sign-in options. Do not check this box unless you specifically wish not to be found (e.g., this is a test IdP installation; you are still completing set up, etc.)

To learn more, see Hide an identity provider from discovery.

The registration form requires adherence with Baseline Expectations. See Baseline Expectations for Trust in Federation to learn more.

Double check to make sure there are no inline error messages (they are in light orange color). If you have entered all required information, the "Review" button on the bottom of the page will become active.

About metadata export options

The InCommon Federation is a member of the global eduGAIN inter-federation. Through eduGAIN, your users can sign in to research and collaboration around the world. When you publish an IdP your IdP metadata is shared with eduGAIN through this metadata export by default. Do not uncheck this box unless you specifically wish to prevent your IdP from being used for international collaboration.

3. Click the Review button. You are not done yet.

The "Review Identity Provider page asks you to confirm your entry. When you are ready, click the "Submit" button to submit the IdP for be published to the InCommon metadata.