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Ken Sylvester's presentation about challenges in the Caribbean and C@ribNET

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PDF File 20081013-CKLN-ksylvester.pdf CKLN - Kenneth Sylvester Dec 09, 2008 by jgerich


Heidi Alvarez, FIU/CIARA
Carlos Casasús, CLARA
Johnathon Chapman, Georgetown University Qatar
José Conde, University of Puerto Rico
Wayne Dunwoody, FAMU
Jocelyn Gerich, Internet2
Sharlene Harris, University of the Virgin Islands
JJ Jamison, Cisco
Tim Kelley, Clemson University
Yasuichi Kitamura, APAN/NICT
Vasilis Maglaris, GEANT/NTUA
Michael McGill, Internet2
Fernando Muro M., CUDI
Henry Orejuela, BTI Systems
Michael Patton, GENI
Richard Pruitt, Clemson University
Chester Ruszczyk, MIT
Dale Smith, NSRC
Cathrin Stöver, DANTE
Brent Sweeny, Indiana GRNOC
Ken Sylvester, CKLN
Anibal Vega, University of Puerto Rico
Caroline Weilhamer, Clemson University

International activities at the Internet2 Fall Member Meeting

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