This Quick Start Guide is designed to assist you with getting started in the eduroam Federation Manager portal.

Logging In

You will be invited to the eduroam Federation Manager portal with an email that includes a one-time use token. Each addition login, eduroam Federation Manager portal can be accessed with this link:

Once logged in, the Landing Page (shown below) will be displayed, providing you with access to your available organizations. 

Landing Page

By clicking on the organization name link, you will be taken to the Review and Submit page.  Examples of the pages you can access once you are logged in are displayed below for your review. 

Migrated Organizations - First Time Review

Upon initial login to the application, you should validate that the information that has been migrated is correct.  If all information is correct and no changes are needed, there are no additional steps to be taken.  If changes are needed, when you are reviewing the page select the Edit button within that section to make the modifications, then return to the Review and Submit Page to submit your changes.

Configuring IdPs and SPs

General Hints

  • A red asterisk identifies this field as required
  • An info icon when clicked will provide information to assist with describing the data field
  • When you attempt to Save modifications and there are errors, an error message will be displayed in red such as

To complete first time configuration, you will need to complete entry of the information on each page shown below.  Information on completing each page can be found in the eduroam Admin User Guide.

To navigate through the pages in the application, you can either select the page link in the left-hand navigation or click the Next button at the bottom of each page.  

Review and Submit

The Review and Submit page provides an overview of your Contacts, Service Locations, IdP Realm Radius Servers and Relying Party Radius Servers.  On the initial view of the page, all sections will be blank and the status at the top of the page will show 'New' if you are new to eduroam, or show your organization details if you are an existing eduroam subscriber.  From this page you will click the Organization link in the left navigation. The sections below provide you with a view of each page.


The Organization page is used to manage key details of your organization including Policy, Organization, and eduroam Configuration urls, and organization Address.


The Contacts page includes entries for Support and Reporting contacts. 

A support contact is required. The support contact will receive critical notifications on service maintenances, outages, and other important updates. 

Reporting contacts will receive the monthly, bi-annual, and annual reports for their organization. Note that if you do not designate reporting contacts nobody from your organization will receive these reports. 

Service Locations

On the Service Locations page, you should create one entry for each major location on the scale of a campus or office, that eduroam can be found in the real world. These Locations show up on the eduroam Map, and in the eduroam Companion App in the Play Store and App Store.

IdP Realms

If you are an SP-only eduroam subscriber, you will not see an option to configure IdP realms.

On the IdP (or Identity Provider) Realms page, you will configure a globally unique realm for your organization. This realm usually correspond to the namespace of your website address, but are not required to do so. Once you click 'Add', the realm is ready for use and no longer needs to be approved. On this same page, you will configure the server IP addresses or DNS names for the RADIUS servers that will receive authentication requests back to your organization from your users, as well as a private secret.

Hotspot Servers

On the Hotspot Servers Page, you will configure the server IP addresses or DNS names for the RADIUS servers or other devices (such as wireless controllers) that will send authentication requests from to your organization to other eduroam subscribers, so that their users can be authenticated, as well as a private secret. 

eduroam Support Organization Dashboard

This dashboard will only appear for eduroam Support Organization Administrators.

The eduroam Support Organization dashboard Page will provide you with an overview of information for your Support Organization including the eduroam Administrators that are allowed to perform configuration for their constituents, all eduroam Support Organization Administrators, Constituents for your Support Organization, pending realms needing approval and all realms for your Support Organization.

Detailed information on completing each page can be found in the Support Organization Administrator User Guide.

Adding new eduroam Administrators

The eduroam dashboard now allows for self-service user management of eduroam Administrators. You can access this feature by clicking 'Manage eduroam Administrators' from the top navigation of your organization's dashboard.

Adding or removing eduroam Administrators sends an email notification to the other active Administrators notifying them of the change.


See a list of your organization’s roster of active eduroam Administrators.


Add a new/existing user to your roster in the role of eduroam Administrator. If the admin has logged into an Internet2 service before, the admin will be matched on email address. If they have not already enrolled will be invited to enroll via email.


eduroam Adminstrators can also be removed from this screen. Removing a user has no effect on any of their other roles outside of the Organization you are editing.

Resend Enrollment Email

In the event that one of your users needs a new IAM enrollment email, this feature allows you to send it to their email address on record. Typically these invites expire after 7 days.

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