The eduroam Federation Manager Hotspot Testing tool allows administrators to generate a shortlived TLS certificate and download installers which can be used to test whether visiting users can authenticate at their location. Essentially you will be creating a temporary user and seeing if that "user" can successfully connect using your eduroam environment. 

You can access the testing tool in the eduroam Federation Manager (eFM) by selecting the "Testing" tab at the top of the interface. 

Note: Administrators of organizations that are both an IdP and SP will see options to "Test IdP Ream(s)" and "Test Relying Party". Administrators of an SP-Only organization will only see an option for "Test Relying Party".  

How to use the testing tool

There are three steps in using the Hotspot Testing tool. 

  1. Generate test user credentials via a test certificate
  2. Download appropriate installers 
  3. Perform testing

Let's walk through each step...

Certificate generation

This part of the tool will provide you with a set of test credentials in the form of a temporary SSL certificate. Clicking the request button begins the process of provisioning your certificate, and will set the request status to "Pending". 

When the provisioning process is complete you'll be presented with the option to download the certificate. You'll also see the expiration time of your test certificate. Note that you can only have one certificate issued to your organization at a time. The certificate can also only be used from your configured Hotspot site.

The certificate is password-protected with the password 'eduroam'

Downloading installers

To assist administrators in testing, we've put together some installers which you can use to set up a wireless profile for your test user. Download the appropriate installer via the link. The installers are generated and maintained using the eduroam Configuration Assistant Tool and kept up to date by the eduroam US team. Note that downloading the installers is not a requirement for running this test - they're simply provided to make life a little easier for eduroam administrators. You may also need to clear your existing eduroam credentials by telling the device you will use for testing to 'forget' the network before running the appropriate installer.

Performing the test

The process for testing using a laptop or other wireless device is the same as provisioning a regular user. Ensure that the certificate is saved on the device and run the installer package, or configure a profile manually. Then, the device should connect to the network when selected in the system settings.

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