Friday July 7, 11am-12:30pm ET


Brett Bieber - Nebraska

Jeff Egly - UETN

Kendra Ard - CSU

Jeremy Livingston

Amel Caldwell – University of Washington

Mike Dickson - UMass Amherst

Tom Rixom - SecureW2

Dion Baird - Oregon State


Ann West

Sara Jeanes

Mike Zawacki

Romy Bolton

Steve Zoppi


Nadim El-Khoury

Josh Howlett

Tania Mahood 

  • Intellectual Property Reminder - All Internet2 activities are governed by the Internet2 Intellectual Property Framework 
  • Public Content Notice - eAC minutes are public documents. Please let the eAC and note taker know if you plan to discuss something of a sensitive nature.
  • Agenda bash
    • Bashed
  • Approval of last meeting’s minutes
  • Administrivia
    • Update on conflict of interest discussion at chair level 
      • Brett: At quarterly chair meeting topic of CoI came up. eAC was mentioned, initially WRT non-voting subject matter experts. One of the outcomes was the idea of a list of all members and affiliations for each committee. Committee members could also discuss their affiliations in annual introductions 
      • Membership of committees, affiliations:
      • Brett: Questions, discussion from the committee members?
        • Jeremy: Agree with idea, esp with periodic renewal/updates 
    • Brett: FYI - Tania Mahood has transitioned to Deschutes county government position and has a standing conflict with this committee’s meeting time. Has offered to step down. The committee can either refill position or leave the seat vacant
      • AnnW: The Committee Rollover Process will start in August. You could wait and include her seat in the rollover for 2024.
      • Jeremy: If we wait until year’s end would they have a 3 year term at that point or would the seat end in 2025?
      • Brett: I would be in favor of having the seat be a full 3 year term. Could help with continuity, stagger membership rolloff
      • Jeff: I like that idea. 
      • Brett: I would like to move to thank Tania for her participation in the group and her contributions to the committee. 
      • Brett: Propose moving ahead with vacant seat until August rollover, then fill seat
  • Support Organizations Update (Mike)
    • ConnectEd Nebraska
      • Brett: Have had one new district sign on, looking toward increased adoption in the panhandle area. Currently negotiating a contract Omaha school district. End date of the contract is 6 months from now. After that the service will fall under the general profile of offerings from Network Nebraska. Omaha PS lawyers seemed to struggle with how the service is delivered, role of NN. Will likely have to hold off on signing them for 6 months. Have also been working on residential eduroam deployments with Cox and Allo. 
    • Link Oregon
      • Attended the eSO training last week, including configuration, troubleshooting, etc. Continuing to work on Google integration and working with InCommon staff to overcome some obstacles.
    • The Sun Corridor Network
      • Continuing to work with pilot school districts. Working with the City of Phoenix for future hotspot locations across the city.
    • UETN
      • Jeff: Have been working on service improvement. Have been working on providing eduroam for regular conferences and meetings for educational groups across the state. Amanda Molinari continues to work on eduroam2go project (community sourced “hotspot in a box”. Amanda also presented at Tech Summit on eduroam2go, with virtual attendance from other community members. Also working on promotional materials, including a run of Utah themed stickers. Met with local Comcast rep, looking at NN’s work with Allo and Cox as a template for public hotspot deployments. Worked with Rob Gorrell on BYOD questions he had as part of a PoC in North Carolina. 
    • Brett: WRT promotion, there’s a group of eSO team members that participate in a social media coordination, so expect more updates on the promotional front
    • Brett: Wanted to talk through training for eSOs. Leverages expertise from Internet2 and community to train up eSO staff, constituents. Intended to better position eSO and their communities for success. Found it very comprehensive, wanted to make this committee aware of the training available to eSOs. Also wanted to highlight two new On-Rampers - Washington K20 Network and NSHE
      • MikeZ: I2 is currently drafting an announcement, will provide link to this committee when available
      • Jeff: Wanted to mention additional areas of collaboration in the K12 space, especially WRT IAM and related services. 
      • Brett: Agree. As you expand into K12 you see that their community struggles with basic IAM. eduroam provides them an opportunity to see the potential for identity management. 
      • MikeD:  Could we see some of the course material?
      • MikeZ: I can post syllabus
        • Day 1: 
          • eduroam Overview
          • Service Fundamentals
          • Wireless Access Points
          • Working with RADIUS
          • Dynamic VLAN assignment

  • Day 2: 
    • Working with the eduroam Federation Manager (eFM)
    • Onboarding users with CAT
    • Supporting users and service
    • Certificate management
    • “eSO Training by eSOs” - lessons learned, best practices as an eSO
    • “eduroam2go” - an approach to community based hotspots

  • Day 3: 
    • Debugging and troubleshooting common eduroam Issues
    • Working with Google Identities and eduroam
    • Wrap up discussion, general Q&A
  • Working group updates (MikeD, MikeZ)
    • Transitional Technologies
      • MikeD: Group has been finalizing write-ups on 3 areas of transitional tech. Are ready to share these publicly
        • AI MikeZ: post to Knowledge base after eAC review. 
      • Brett: Very cool stuff - noticed that there was also mention of this group’s work in the international eduroam community. What are next steps?
      • MikeD: Could solicit feedback from this committee before publishing 
        • AI MikeZ: Set up feedback form, send to committee 
      • MikeD: Also talked through possible impacts of OpenRoaming, Passpoint, other roaming federations and new auth types like EAP FIDO. Also briefly touched on commercial offerings to manage RADIUS and/or IdP offerings. 
      • Brett: One thing I want to applaud this working group on is the formatting of the documents - intuitive, helpful. Increasingly important as school year ramps up
    • Best Practices Update
      • Brett: Any updates on this? 
      • MikeZ: A few sections remaining. Next big task will be coming up with a way to facilitate consultations/collaboration with eSO volunteers on K12 section  
  • Mini-Mobility Day update (Brett)
    • Draft announcement
    • Brett: 3 hour event on the first day of TechEx (Sept 18th). Modeled on TNC’s mobility day. Covers topics on wifi, 5G, other mobile connectivity. Group has met twice. Sara suggested modeling Cloud Forum approach to soliciting topics and presentations. Sara and I have drafted a call for participation to suggest topics and volunteer to present. TIming is tight - want to allow enough time for review of topics and presentations, and for presenters to plan travel. 
    • Brett: Will set up Google form to collect topics and presentation proposals. Program committee will review, finalize program. Have a few topics in mind CBRS, 5G, municipal wifi, etc. Also wanted to ask this committee for thoughts on topics, how to promote event. 
    • Attendee Scholarship applications close July 14th, provides funds for travel, lodging, food, etc
    • Brett: Should we mention this in our announcement? 
      • Sara: I like that idea. Should get note out soon given July 14th deadline. 
      • Brett: Think it’ll help drive interest in Mini-Mobility Day and TechEx in general
      • Jeff; I’ll share the scholarship info with our team, interested in ongoing work to promote. 
    • Brett: If others in this committee are interested in participating please raise your hand now and we’ll add you to the meeting series. 
      • Additional volunteers can register interest here
  • OpenRoaming paper update (Saira)
    • Saira to update the committee on progress
    • Tom Rixom: Would love to share our knowledge on our openroaming experience with ppl in this group but might be easier to reach out to Sara and Mike separately. I'm on holiday atm but will reach out end of next week or 17th onward. 
  • Residential eduroam update (Brett/Ann/Sara)
    • Brett: Nebraska’s rollout has garnered interest from broadband service providers. Both have expressed interest in public hotspots. One also has residential customers that might be included in offerings. Looking at localizing RADIUS traffic, hairpinning back to local IdPs without routing to TLRS1&2. Both are different scale deployments, one is more metro level of public hotspots. Working with Ann West and Sara Jeanes on technical, business, and legal aspects of project. Wanted to make eAC aware of interest from these commercial providers and the nature of their interests (as well as concerns from these ISPs that we’re addressing). Sara and Ann have been leading discussion around business and legal models. Would like to hear thoughts, questions from this committee
    • Sara: Currently negotiating limited pilot agreement with one of the providers in Omaha metro area. Have had initial discussions around contract approaches with public and residential hotspots, also looking into technical side of managing those deployments. Have also been working with Rob Gorrell on residential deployments of hotspots. Would like to discuss a couple of governance issues with this group. 
      • How do we handle mapping residential hotspots? There’s a requirement from GeGC compliance statement to reflect service locations via eduroam map but need to be mindful of residential customer privacy. How to approach that? 
      • How to handle opting in/out for residential customers? Does ISP have the ability/right to push eduroam on VLAN to residential customers? How do residential customers signal their approval to participate? Opt in? Opt out? 
    • Sara: Also want to be mindful of service integrity and reputation. 
    • MikeD: I think there might be precedent on opt-in/out with Comcast/Xfinity. They broadcast public wifi accessible to their customers. Initially no opt-out but was challenged in court. Don’t recall where that landed. Sounds like these providers are doing the right thing by considering opt in/out potions. 
    • Brett: That was cited in discussions with these providers. Also some nuances around whether customers own the router. If the customer owns the equipment, need to explicitly opt-in. If ISP owns equipment they have more leeway in how to manage customer participation. Would also mention that one of the providers have been in contact with NTIA - good opportunity for Internet2 to meet with equipment manufacturers, other players in this space. 
    • Brett: Would like to have this committee discuss and recommend how to handle balancing customer privacy vs requirement to publish eduroam hotspot locations. Could craft some suggestions around mapping requirements, how to ensure that locations are represented, and provide that to the GeGC as an update to existing requirements for location mapping. Could also be a chance for us to update how numbers of APs are represented (e.g. do we say “there’s an AP at this apartment complex”?). Feel we can provide some leadership in striking a balance providing service location data and preserving privacy
      • Ann: Like this idea, and suggest the first step would be to share it with Klaas Wierenga rather than take it directly to the GeGC. There’s no real precedent for this internationally/ It’s a “US only” variance. The other aspect we’re discussing is US branding of the service and where that resides. 
      • Brett: Appreciate that insight and guidance! 
    • Brett: Next steps? Draft some ideas and then meet with Klaas? 
      • Ann: Drafting some language around what we want to see WRT eduroam to the home and logo considerations and then sharing that with Klaas
      • Brett: I’ll commit to drafting some bullet points. Also, wanted to point out that one of the providers says there are limitations to publishing data on customer locations. Could be something to include in our thinking and communications. 
      • Ann: Sara and I are happy to work with you on that. 
      • Jeff: Location in particular is important to get right. UETN is looking at similar issues for an LTE, CBRS project we’re working on. These kinds of things can have some impact on funding considerations. We’d love to contribute to this discussion as well. 
      • Ann: Sounds like an eSO conversation
      • Brett; Agree - it has implications on “homework gap” discussions that the eSO community is very involved with. Good alignment with that group. MikeZ - let’s include this in eSO coordination calls. 
        • AI MikeZ: Ensure this is added to ongoing coordination calls with eSOs
      • Ann: Be mindful that as we work with more providers that offer services across multiple states could introduce complexity. Also important to note that without eSOs like Network Nebraska none of this work would be possible. Want to be sure that you and other eSOs get some of the credit and “glow” for this
      • Brett: Important to get the funding structure right, especially as we look at impacts to the national and regional infrastructure
        • Ann: Agree. Branding is another aspect - need to ensure that roaming users know that eduroam is eduroam. Maybe I2 has a fulfillment center for promotional materials and branding. eSOs and commercial partners could come to us to get logos, stickers, other branding elements. Also need to think through how to enable these commercial providers work with us on a technical level, including testing and APIs to enable, for example, automating service location updates to eFM. 
        • Jeff: Like the idea of a fulfillment service. We have some ability to do that in UETN but it’s limited. And others do not have that capability. Having that solved would be helpful. 
        • Ann: Also want to be sure we include room for appropriate customization, allow for communities to see branding that reflects them. And still ensure consistency of branding and message.  
  • Certificate Redesign group update (Sara)
    • Sara: InCommon cert service hasn’t had a technical refresh for a while, wanted to have a community input channel for that. Group includes two eAC members (Josh and Nadim). Where we see crossover with eduroam is around cert issuance. Cadence of every other week. Would like to look at a tiered model of capabilities and needs to support those tiers. What that looks like for this group is TBD, but expect ongoing updates as work progresses. 
    • Brett: Are there any needs for support on this effort from this group? 
    • Sara: There are other slots on the working group if folks from this committee feel they have a specific perspective to bring for the work. 
  • Next meeting - August 4th, 11:00am - 12:30pm ET
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