Friday December 2nd, 11am-12:30pm ET


Jeff Egly

Amel Caldwell

Mike Dickson

Michael Hacker

Neil Johnson


Sara Jeanes

Romy Bolton

Mike Zawacki

Steve Zoppi


Kim Owen

Jeremy Livingston


  • Intellectual Property Reminder - All Internet2 activities are governed by the Internet2 Intellectual Property Framework 
  • Public Content Notice - eAC minutes are public documents. Please let the eAC and note taker know if you plan to discuss something of a sensitive nature.
  • Agenda bash
    • Slope report as standing agenda item? :)  +!
  • Approval of last meeting’s minutes
  • Review of new committee members (Mike)
    • Discuss next steps, timeline for CACTI’s vote to accept
    • Chair and/or vice-chair email slate to CACTI Chair (Rob Carter) before next CACTI meeting (12/8)  
      • AI: MikeZ to email slate to Rob Carter (DONE)
  • Update on letter to GEANT re: problematic SP (Jeff, Brett, Mike)
    • Closing the loop - Rob helped craft language, Jeff sent to GEANT staff
      • Paul Dekkers replied, thanked Jeff for the input, will discuss with GEANT staff. 
      • Paul will be at TechEx, may be opportunity to check in 
  • SO Update (Jeff, Brett, Mike)
    • Jeff: UETN has finished new marketing materials, GEANT has signed off on them. Will continue to focus on SP deployments. Retooling approach to student deployments, encouraging use
    • Mike: Network Nebraska is also focusing on marketing and promotional materials. Have been working on presentations for conferences as well - TechEx and CoSN. Continuing to work with local ISP Allo on public deployments. SCN has been 
  • Review of work priorities (Jeff)
    • Topics to present to new committee members as possible work priorities for 2023 (Jeff, Brett, Rob)
      • Refresh of the Best Practices Guide
      • OpenRoaming update, discussion (Rob)
        • Include industry SME?
        • Have GEANT representation as well
        • Identify 
      • Radextra/RADIUS working group (Margaret Cullen could present) 
      • Consider hosted services, gauge community needs
        • IdPaaS
        • RADIUS as a service
        • Revisit Guest Access service
        • Further work on User/Device Onboarding
        • Others?
    • How to better serve the SOs
    • Brett: Within this list is enough to keep us busy for a year, but would encourage this committee to determine if there are gaps or if there are items in there which don’t belong. Especially as we bring on new members 
  • Update on public comment for User/Device Onboarding requirements feedback 
  • Remaining meetings
    • Friday, 12/23
      • Change to earlier in the week? Or is the 23rd good for the majority of committee?
      • MikeD: I could stand to have the meeting earlier
      • Jeff: Same here
      • MikeZ: I’ll send out scheduling poll to select next time 
  • AOB?
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