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Friday, June 24, 2022
11:00am ET | 10:00am CT | 9:00am MT | 8:00am PT


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Mike Hacker

Mike Dickson

Amel Caldwell

Brett Bieber

Kim Owen


Margaret Cullen

Josh Howlett

Sara Jeanes

Kevin Morooney

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  • Agenda bash
    • Bashed
  • Approval of last month’s meeting minutes
  • SO Update
    • Network Nebraska
      • Brett: Uptick in constituents signing on. Governor released funds for edu broadband/hardware. We focused on wireless and network gear. Came out to roughly $10k per school. Half went to wireless infrastructure (esp for busses) and half to RADIUS services. At 36% of all school districts signed up. Will be presenting at statewide edu tech conference for superintendents of Nebraska schools. In discussions with Calix and Allo to deploy eduroam publicly and to residential end points. 
        • Sara: Had good discussions with them this week. Some points for them to work through together (particularly around opt-in vs opt-out of eduroam SSID broadcast for residential customers). Looking at adding tens or hundreds of thousands of service locations. Need to sort out approach to bulk add those to eFM. They plan to route requests to centralized RADIUS architecture. Will be looping Brett and his team into 
        • Brett: That’s great news. Sounds like there’s also work being done by Allo in Arizona 
    • The Sun Corridor Network
      • 6/22 meeting with Florence USD, hope to bring them on
      • Trying to figure out how to provide eduroam for free within E-Rate guidelines
      • Summer push to bring on current SCN subscribers before fall semester
      • Still waiting on University to approve agreement but moving forward with lining up future users
    • UETN
      • Jeff: Attended SW regional research meeting in AZ. Allo was present, some good engagement with them. Eduroam was a topic that came up in several contexts, including discussion with Navajo Technical University. Calix is a service provider for rural service areas, so good precedent. We’ve had discussions along similar lines with CentraCom in Utah. Confirmed to present on eduroam in CENIC’s conference in September. Amanda Molinari will be presenting on our work in Utah. Also finished up promotional videos geared towards value prop for SP-only candidates that are less technical, outside of our immediate community. 
      • Link to video:
      • Brett: Wanted to mention a couple of things. A couple of weeks ago we had Great Plains Network meeting. James Deaton was open to further discussion around eduroam. I’ll work on getting onto agenda for next gathering. Kim, can you help with that as well? Know there’s interest from South Dakota as well. SD has a statewide AD identity store. Could be low hanging fruit?
      • Kim: Would be happy to help, though James is already on the agenda for the next call. ND has a similar ID store, but tend to hit roadblocks around “why should we do eduroam”. 
      • Brett: Particular interest around TCUs
      • Kim: We and I2 have been in discussions with AIHEC. Big barrier is around limited staff cycles. Lots of 1 person shops. 
      • Brett: Particularly relevant to User/Device Onboarding working group's output. Reinforces the value of that work - lowering friction to adopt is key. WRT AIHEC, are there any next steps we can help with? 
      • Brett: Northern Tier conference is next week. Have a light BoF session that could be an opportunity to socialize this, discuss with that audience. I’ll take point on that. 
      • Jeff: One thing that tends to follow eduroam is discussions around identity for K12 communities. Something to keep in mind going forward. 
    • Link Oregon
      • Review of SO proposal
      • Tour of eFM features for SOs
    • CEN
      • Review of SO proposal
      • Tour of eFM features for SOs
  • Standing check in on work priorities for the eAC in 2022
    • I2 holding internal discussions on User/Device Onboarding. Any implications for SO work? 
    • Sara: Had some discussion with SOs about MDM and how that might slot into what the working group is developing. Outcomes are that there’s a diversity of MDM platforms and approaches to student onboarding. Will likely push development toward more open ended, platform agnostic approaches (headless services, etc, for more flexible integrations). Lots more conversations to have around this, especially as more SOs come aboard. The work that each state is doing to support student populations could help inform those discussions going forward. Tightened up the proposal document and will be reviewing internally ahead of next steps with working group. Need to tune language to ensure the context of the work and any next steps are set correctly. Want to be sure we aren’t over or under promising. 
    • Brett: Thinking back, we started off with a sort of thought experiment on what the service might do and have been refining and expanding that. Props to Sara for driving that work on this latest draft. If we need to hone that and make sure it’s clear this is a requirements doc and not a “bill of goods” then I support that. Is that your intention? 
    • Sara: Yes, more or less. We’ve already worked toward that structure, essentially splitting the doc into two. Also adding more detail on existing resources that would meet the needs identified by the group. We’ll end up with something models more on the service proposals for IdP and SP testing. 
    • Brett: Do we expect we’ll have a version of the document to review at our July meeting?
    • Sara: Possibly, yes. We’ll keep you all in the loop on that. Also continuing work on IdP testing and SP testing. IdP testing will be done first, then pivoting to SP testing. Several options for “what comes next” - we’ll continue to work with you all on that!
  • Next Meeting: July 8th 11:30am-1pm ET
    • Too close to June’s meeting? Hold until later July? 
    • Mike: Propose collapsing the July 8th and August 5th meetings into one. 
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