Date, Time, and Location

Friday, January 21, 2022
11:00am ET | 10:00am CT | 9:00am MT | 8:00am PT


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Brett Bieber, Nebraska

Rob Gorrell, UNCG

Jeff Egly - UETN

Amel Caldwell – University of Washington

Michael Hacker

Jeremy Livingston - Stevens University

Mike Dickson - UMA

Neil Johnson - IOWA


Mike Zawacki

Kevin Morooney

Sara Jeanes

Ann West


Kim Owen - will miss first hour

John Buysse


  • Approve previous month’s minutes at
    • Rob, Jeff approve
      • AI: Mike review/correct IAM access for new members
    • Election results for chair/vice-chair
      • Jeff Egly - Chair
      • Brett Bieber - Vice-Chair
      • Congratulations and welcome!
    • Request from Jeff: coordinate with this group on new agenda items, visiting SMEs
    • SO update
      • Network Nebraska: At the end of 2021 we completed signup of 22% of K12s in Nebraska. IT support provided via ESUs (educational service units) for 2/3rds of the state. Plans to meet at upcoming conferences with K12 leadership. New reports in for SO, includes rollup of all constituents and SP-only sites. 
      • UETN: Have been learning a lot from Network Nebraska and Sun Corridor Network. Context for new members - SO effort represents drive to increase adoption, availability outside of higher ed. Have been focusing on driving adoption of SP-Only. Working with state government to provide SPs in DMVs, parks, etc. Developing promotional campaign for SP-Only, including working with ISPs. Have been working with other SOs and SO candidates on marketing materials geared towards SP-Only adoption. Monthly User group met yesterday, lots of good discussion around repurposing hardware to provide to SP-Only candidates. Working on rolling eduroam into our work with LTE and CBRS networks in Utah
      • SCN: Continuing work with pilot school district (Pinal). Identifying next round of early adopter schools. Working on promotional efforts for SP-Only with other SOs. Will be promoting, presenting at conferences in Arizona as well. 
    • Transition updates - what it will look like going forward
      • Focus on release notes, etc. No immediate plan for ongoing regular communication
      • Reports came out last week. Looking at reported issues and correcting for next round of reports
      • Working on adding logging functionality to eduroam Federation Manager, developing internal roadmap
        • Likely to be coming to this group to get feedback on upcoming changes and updates, especially as we shift to a more operational footing 
        • Feedback and guidance from this group will be important to slot into the larger workplan internally
      • NN: Really enjoying the new interface and features, especially for SOs. 
        • The last release set up hooks for future features like logging, etc and made mapping data more accurate, reflect points of service availability
      • Vote to finalize requirements docs (no public feedback was offered)
        • eduroam User/Device Onboarding requirements
        • eduroam Guest Access requirements
        • Sense of priority from eAC - which needs to be first?
        • Request for additional feedback on Guest/Device onboarding. 
          • Convene working group?
        • Guest Access requirements were the most polished and ready to go. User/Device Onboarding less polished. There were three potential solutions 
          • Brett, Mike Dickson are interested in joining this working group
          • Propose that we meet with Mike, Brett, Rob, maybe Tim ahead of the general 
          • AI: Mike - set up scheduling poll, do pre-meet. Then convene working group to review, revise
        • Service policy/change reviews (Sara)
          • Change to eduroam Federation Manager to disallow backslash in shared secrets (Sara)
            • Backslashes can cause database issues. Currently 10ish subscribers have them in their shared secret. Proposing that we disallow and work with those subscribers to correct. Any issues that this group sees with that? 
            • in the UI the eFM would just drop an error if a backslash was included in a shared secret? So you’d just get a “this character not allowed” message?
            • Will host a webinar about new infrastructure, including this info, and that we’ve moved to FreeRADIUS for our top level servers. 
            • Any Issues - No concerns with this approach
          • Reporting rules review request (Sara) - preview for future review
            • Sara: Refining rules, structures of reports and would value this group’s input on those. 
          • Volunteers to assess Support Organization proposals (Mike)
            • Open for proposals mid-Feb through mid-March
            • March 15th - 30th
              • The process will be the same. The Support Organization program is now in production so we won’t limit the number of orgs that can join 
            • Volunteers
              • Jeff Egly
                • Westnet conference is coming up. I can mention to Derek, ask about promoting this there. 
                • Mike: I’m meeting with Laura Etter as well - we can each talk to SCN about promotion at that conference
              • Brett Bieber
                • Brett: Excited to see proposals, looking forward to having more 
              • Next meeting: February 18th, 11am-12:30pm ET
              • AOB? 
                • Revisit the roadmap/getting up to feature parity with legacy interface. Have heard requests for logging and test accounts. Are those formally being worked on? If so, where do they fit into upcoming releases?
                  • Log viewer is at the top of the list. Moving to stable, updated traffic architecture also high on the list (see recent AWS outage - didn’t cause issues but want to build in enough resiliency to continue to work around platform and network outages). Testing ability is another high priority. Creating unaffiliated credentials will work differently because of the move to a federated admin interface. SO functionality like creating new admins for constituents, pulling constituents under their org. We will be coming to this committee to help sequence and coordinate features for mid and late this year (and going forward).
                  • Also want to be clear that SOs are major drivers for many of the changes but also want to ensure that we’re building in for broader community needs. 
                  • Appreciate the sense of where priorities are and how community need is driving those. Would love to see that articulated publicly. 
                • Want to stress again that members of this committee come to us with agenda items and topics. Have done lots of good work in the past (Best Practices Guide, requirements docs, etc) and want to ensure that continues!

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