Community Review

This consultation was open from October 20, 2020 to December 1, 2020.


This Best Practices Guide provides [direction / advice] on deployment of eduroam wireless access within the research and education community, including higher education and community colleges, K-12, museums, and libraries. It examines tools and strategies for deploying and running eduroam, including a discussion identifying key decision points across the scope of deployment, and helpful information to consider when making those decisions. The goal is to encourage the eduroam community to build and operate the service in a way that is as interoperable, scalable, and sustainable as possible while still allowing for the differences in individual environments.

Documents for Review/Consultation

eduroam-US Best Practices Guide

What is a consultation?

Working groups and advisory groups produce reports, recommendations, standards, best practices, and related documents. These are then provided to the community for review in the form of a consultation. In addition, policy and other documents developed by Internet2 Trust and Identity division staff may undergo the community consultation process to gather broader input and awareness before becoming finalized.

The consultation period has closed. Thanks to all who participated in the creation and review of the eduroam Best Practices Guide.

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