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  • Spring 2014 Denver, CO
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20th Collaboration SIG, April 2014 Denver, CO 

Moderator: Gurcharan Khanna, Rochester Institute of Technology


Why aren't advanced real-time collaboration tools being used more widely? What are some examples of projects that are successfully using them? What are the advanced technologies that warrant our experimentation and pilot use? Come share your thoughts and experiences and listen to ours as we try to create a community of users through this Special Interest Group devoted to promoting the successful adoption of advanced collaboration tools.


UAE Advance Network for Research and Education, Ahmed Dabbagh, Ankabut

International K-12 Collaborations, Larry Gallery, NYSERNet

Collaboration for Deaf Students, Gurcharan Khanna, Rochester Institute of Technology

SeeVogh Update, Bob Koche, SeeVogh, Inc.

Attendee List (Spring 2014)

Greg Monaco, Great Plains Network

Petr Holub, CESNET 

Gurcharan S. Khanna, Rochester Institute of Technology

Craig Locatis, NIH/National Library of Medicine

Larry Gallery, NYSERNET

Bob Koche, SeeVogh, Inc.

Sheila Cisko, Fermilab, ESnet

Patty Giuntoli, ESnet

Mike Pfannenstiel, ESnet

Francis Lee, SingAREN

Michael Krugman, Boston University

Motonori Nakamura, SINET

Scott Gardner, University of Arkansas

Ahmed Dabbagh, Ankabut


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