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Collaboration SIG

Spring 2006 Internet2 Member Meeting in D.C. (Arlington, VA)

Monday, April 24, 2006 Jackson Room

Attendee List

30 people attended

Welcome and Introduction: Gurcharan Khanna, Rochester Institute of Technology

  • Re-statement of Mission
    • Why aren't people using available technologies
    • What collaborations are currently under way (case studies)
  • Updates
    • SIG mailing list now completely on Internet2 site
    • SIG wiki now on-line (please update, post as appropriate)

Magic Minute for each attendee

Presentations: four present, one in absentia

  • Margaret Krebs, Stanford: Live 3D Stereo Video Surgery over I2
    Questions on equipment used.
    Why do this?
    How does collaboration come about? Surgeons knew each other.
    What other technologies should be looked at for teaching and learning?
    slides including survey
  • Greg Monaco, Great Plains Network
    GPN includes institutions from seven central states in the us. key topics of concern are: bioinformatics, networking research, grid computing, middleware, and graduate education. funding opportunities bring people together. and keep them together.
    Bioinformatics: needed leader with expertise in the field; found it in a new hire.
    Networking Research: conducted meetings, workshops, and planning sessions.
    Graduate Education: the Traveling Scholar Program enabled exchange of students.
    Middleware: development enabled by Sun grant, Educause funding
    Find a Champion
    Started an Advisory Council of VPs of Research; charter put on-line
    Whitepaper produced on Grid Computing, Bioinformatics, etc.
    whitepaper TBA
    Teaching and Learning: what gets faculty to use the technology?
    RTC model???
  • Philippe Galvez, CalTech
    Demo'd EVO, latest evolution of VRVS type environment
    Response to the fact that such systems have no control over the network or the user environment
    Panda server software: self-managed
    Koala client software: supports all kinds of video
    MonALISA: visual interface to network
  • Jon Tyman/Tyler Johnson, Internet2
    Real Time Collaboration Working Group
    I2 wants to create a new working group to deal with data sharing tools such as Breeze, WebX, and T.120 type tools.
    Look at what's needed, wanted, possible standards setting, feedback to vendors to influence next products
    Appropriateness, credibility of an I2 group with vendors questioned.
    Some attendees confused by this request.
    Precise statement of the issue forthcoming and will be disseminated to this group for feedback.
  • John Yost (in absentia)

Suggestions Made:

  • create a database of SIG members
  • create a scenario-based set of recommended collaboration tools
  • create an architectural specification for requirements for such tools
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