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RTC BOF at Fall 2004 Internet2 Member Meeting:

Thursday September 30, 2004

We had a breakfast meeting during the Fall I2 member meeting at 7:15-8:45 AM

Session Abstract: What are the motivating forces in our institutional cultures that impact usage of collaborative technologies? This BOF focuses on real-world collaborations from the user's perspective, often discussing case studies of projects that use collaborative technologies in order to understand what makes them successful...or not. The BoF serves as a technical vetting organization, giving feedback to vendors and identifying best practices for our end-users. Attendees are encouraged to bring short case studies of their own to share. Breakfast will be served at 7:30am.

Agenda for September 30 Meeting:

Welcome: Gurcharan
Case Studies: Les Finken and Anibal Vega
Brainstorming session : Boyd Knosp

Case studies
Les Finken -

Link to archive of test video w/Hoffman; Send link to web site OR-
place information on RTC web site -
Demoed new site for case studies:
Anibal Vega - U of Puerto Rico

Virtual tumor board
Visible embryo project
I2 Demo room sip-enabled h.323 videoconferencing

Round Table Introductions - Attendee list:

Name, Organization, email

craig locatis, national library of medicine,
ted hanss, university of michigan,
greg monaco, great plains network,
bob riddle, internet2,
jonathan tyman, internet2,
myron lowe, university of minnesota,
les finken, university of iowa,
anibal vega, university of puerto rico,
linda roos, oarnet,
william green, university of texas at austin,
todd needham, microsoft,
boyd knosp, university of iowa,
jennifer macdougall, magpi/university of pennsylvania,
gurcharan khanna, dartmouth college,

Planning session - 60 minutes
Criteria/important points
Must be a unique group (review current I2 Groups at
Activities should explore users perspective and the nature of the end user
Specific technical issues ( how do I, could we test) should be done off line.
Must be relevant to I2
What do you want to get out of this group?
Brainstorming: details below

Brainstorming session
What would you like to get out of this group?

  • persistent ongoing dialogue
  • what works? What are others using successfully? (I2 case studies on successful research collaborations)
  • advice for I2 Commons
  • awareness of what is happening
  • understanding Jonathan (where the Commons is going)
  • understanding requirements for researchers who want to collaborate
  • additional collaborators
  • simple, cross platform global authentication mechanism
  • guidance for developing infrastructure (building network to MCU to people; product, network infrastructure)
  • people who can translate the value of the tools
  • establish feedback that begins with users not middleware
  • discover interesting applications
  • resource allocation among researchers rather than admin
  • research ideas for studying presence
  • ways to promote deployment of underlying infrastructure
  • new resources
  • 1-1 exchanges with common or similar interests
  • new technologies to extend presence
  • ways to secure additional govt. funding
    *Case Studies, bad ones too.
  • strategies for reaching faculty
  • promotion
  • outreach methods
  • ways to enable evangelists (faculty, executive, business administrative)
  • additional channels into universities (more users)
  • examples of small groups of researcher working together (case study)
    Classification: of Brainstorm ideas(From J. Tyman):

New Technologies
Funding Sources
Action items:

Complete classification of ideas. Clarify definitions: Use to define goals moving forward.

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