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Function and Flow View of CIFER Technical Reference Architecture



In the above diagram, Thick borders and dashed lines (both in red) are potential areas of significant CIFER work.




System of Record

Authoritative source of a person's identity at an enterprise. Example SORs include HR, SIS, etc.

(Out of scope)

Delegated and Self Service via "Identity Portal" or "Console"

A pluggable/configurable user interface providing end users and functional administrators access to identity services (backed by any compatible product). Potentially integrated services include:

  • Identity Enrollment and Maintenance
  • Credential Management
  • Group Management
  • Access Management WorkflowIntegration is not necessarily restricted to JV-endorsed OSS components.

Potential Initiative
See Also: PWMSyncope

Identity Match

A component that can operate stand-alone or as part of an Identity Registry that is responsible for reconciling identities from multiple sources into a single identity. May also assign identifiers.

Potential Initiative

Identity Registry

The "Source of Truth" about a person's identity as assembled from one or more Systems of Record.

Several in-progress initiatives, including for enterprises:

Groups/Roles/Permissions Registry

A repository of authorization information associated with people identities.

Credential Store

A repository of authentication information, such as passwords, tokens, or certificates.

Provisioning and Integration Engine 

A component responsible for maintaining identity information consistency between registries, applications and other consumers in order to ensure, for example, that people have access to exactly the services to which they are entitled.

Provisioning Connectors

Plug-ins for a Provisioning Engine that know how to talk to specific target systems (such as LDAP servers, SPML targets, mainframes, etc).

Potential in-progress initiative:


A public or semi-public directory of identities, generally read-only or read-mostly.

SSO & Federated Auth

A component responsible for web-based authentication, single sign-on, and federated authentication.

Web Directory

A web-based frontend to an enterprise's public directory (typically an LDAP server).

Potential in-progress initiative:

Reporting Services

Tools for providing data analyses to various business units.

(Reporting tools are considered out of scope, though see "Additional Potential Work" below.)


Standards for exchanging data between applications.

Potential initiatives:

  • SOR-to-IDMS
  • Identity Match
  • Groups
  • website: SCIM (on this wiki: SCIM )


Enterprise Service Bus: A message passing infrastructure used for sharing notifications across an enterprise.

(Out of scope)

Packaging & Integration

Packaging & Integration refers to endorsed collections of specific version of products known to work well/be compatible, assembled together in a way to facilitate deployment ("suites"). (eg: download archives, VMs, cloud instances).

Independently, products must also be packaged in a way to facilitate deployment, and to integrate with other endorsed components.


Documentation & Training

Documentation and Training resources refer both to suite-level packages as well as products independently.


*Denotes a former Sun product forked by ForgeRock

Additional Potential Work

These items are more about enhancements to existing products, but might be of general interest to the community:

  • Single Log Out
  • CAS SAML support
  • "Out-of-the-box" common reports for OSS reporting tools
  • Credential Management/Password Quality tools
  • Multi-Factor integration
  • Client/Server PKI
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