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I'd like to use this page to begin collecting provisioning and data integration use cases, user stories, and yes, horror stories (of which I'm confident we have a few) in the area of provisioning and data integration, particularly as it relates to CIFER. Please feel free to add cases, comments, corrections, clarifications, requests, etc. to this page. A few ground rules:

  1. Remember that our definition of "provisioning and data integration" is rather inclusive – we're looking at the space as covering all manner of use cases involving the establishment and maintenance of state consistency for identity data (including not only user information but also group and authorization information) between data repositories. That includes integrating systems of record with identity registries, integrating identity registries with consuming systems, and integrating identity registries with one another (eg., during a transition from one IDM platform to another, or from one identity registry to another). Don't be shy.
  2. Currently-solved use cases are fair game, especially if they highlight specific classes of provisioning and integration problems that CIFER needs to address (as, of course, are currently-unsolved cases). I would ask that if you do add a currently-solved use case you provide some limited information about the solution you're currently using, and if possible, any particularly desirable or undesirable features it exhibits.
  3. Use cases identified here need not be fully realized – it's ok to include descriptions of use cases you think you may need to solve in the future, as well as cases you already have in the wild.
  4. Any use case in the problem space is valuable, both generic and site-specific, intra-campus and inter-campus, enterprise and cloud-based. Let's try to err on the side of being overly inclusive rather than overly selective in submitting use cases.
    As we've done in the MACE-Paccman workspace, I'd like to start using use cases identified (and hopefully fleshed-out) here as tools against which to measure proposed strategies for P&I within CIFER, as well as stakes in the ground toward defining functional requirements for CIFER P&I.

Use Cases (and user stories)

  • SOR->Registry: U Florida Guest System for Certification Programs
  • SOR->Registry: New Matriculant without Prior Affiliation
  • SOR->Registry: New Matriculant with Prior Affiliation
  • SOR->Regsitry: New Employee with Current Student Affiliation
  • SOR->Registry: Faculty Member Receives New Appointment
  • SOR->Registry: Staff Member Terminated
  • SOR->Registry: Staff Member Lateral Transfer
  • SOR->Registry: Name Change / Identifier Replacement
  • Registry->Consumer: Cloud-Based Service with Embedded Identity Registry (ServiceNow?)
  • Registry->Consumer: Cloud-Based Service with Directory-LInked Identity Registry (Office365?)
  • Registry->Consumer: Cloud-Based Service with Embedded User Registry (Box.Net?)
  • Registry->Consumer: Provisioning Granular Access Control into an ERP (PeopleSoft?)
  • Registry->Consumer: Provisioning a Directory with FERPA-filtered Attributes
  • Registry->Registry:  Transitioning Between Identity Registries
  • Registry->Registry:  Faculty Sabbatical at International Campus (DKU?)
  • SOR->Registry->AuthN Service:  New Employee Credential Creation (UNC-CH use case)
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