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This document provides an evaluation of the open source OpenEMPI Identity Match product.

Requirements Matrix

This table reflects how the OpenEMPI products meets the needs outlined on the ID Match Key Requirements page.




Supporting Reference

REST Interface




Configurable via UI (or properties file), i.e., no coding required




UI operations are via a REST interface




Supports UTF8




Matching is based on a configurable set of defined attributes, like name attributes, and can specify required via non required




Attributes submitted to the ID Match are not assumed to be normalized (eg: ALL CAPS vs Correct Case) but are assumed to be standardized (eg: name as Given+Preferred, dates as YYYY-MM-DD)




Match can be done against internal, "black box" datastore




Match can be done against external datastore




Upon submitting a matching request the results is returns as one of "new person created", "existing person found", "potential match", or "error with request"




All attributes submitted are available to all clients, i.e., there are no attribute-level permissions




Weight/score of each attribute, and entire match is configurable




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