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This page shows thumbnails of each proposed individual solution reference architecture diagrams.  Open up child pages to see full view and to leave comments.


This diagram highlights the overall solution as well as introduces the fundamental design of both an administrator UI and an end user web self service UI.  I color coded each of the 5 main work areas a different color.  I moved the 4 main work areas to the bottom to reflect the same top of screen orientation the IAM Console has on each of the other diagrams.


 Link to IAM Console Page

CIFER Identity Registry

I added a Kuali logo for the Systems of Records.  I wanted to make sure the Kuali community sees the connection.  Added Common API into the Connectors and Translators box.  I wanted to highlight the fact that Common APIs are an important part of the work.  I left the stacked grouper boxes.

 Link to Identity Registry Page

 CIFER - Access Management 

Merged the Grouper plugins in the upper right into one box labeled open source grouper plugins and listed out examples.


Link to Access Management Page

CIFER - Authentication

Added in the Shib and CAS logos.  I assumed that SAML/OAuth/Cas label that was on the previous diagram was just implementation details so I removed.   

Link to Authentication Page

Additional Diagrams for Higher Level discussions or marketing - Added by Renee

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