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  • Access Management Team Meeting Minutes 11-3-2011
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Access Management Team Meeting Minutes

Date: 11/3/2011




Tom Barton


Jacob Farmer


Scott Gibson


Chris Hyzer


Jimmy Vuccolo


1.    Note taker, agenda bash
2.    AI review

(not done) AI: Scott to add the Kuali requirements to the wikispace.

(done) AI: Jimmy to review the PACCMAN use cases to determine if there are any relevant requirements.

3.    Finish going through requirements (& use cases) and indicate whether grouper/KIM meets each
4.    Other areas of the deliverables template?
5.    Else


Grouper/Rice requirement support

  • Attribute requirements: There is overlap with GRP-160, and using Group/Role WS or SQL the SAML system could pull that data and use it
  • POL_0100: For Rice, there are no automatic loaders for data into Rice, but if the data is there from the Identity service, you can use it, or you can add more code to implement new rules
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