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Sorry - forgot to take roll


  1. Introductions/Roll Call
  2. Action Items from Last time
    1. Put links in the wiki - Dedra done
    2. Poll about moving meeting - Dedra done
    3. Continue to review documents (Id Match & Reg evals.)
  3. ID Match
    1. OpenEMPI Presentation - Venu

Action Items

  1. Dedra - put links in the wiki for the OpenEMPI whitepapers, Jimmy's strawman, and Lucas' matrix (based on Jimmy's strawman).  Mail that out to the group
    1. Group - review these documents, note any questions or missing things from the strawman or matrix your group might want/need
  2. Venu - plug away at getting OpenEMPI up and running.
  3. Dedra - Poll group about moving meeting to 12pm instead of 11am (EDT)


OpenEMPI tool
  • CSV file for initial load
  • for real-time matching at account creation, would call add user feature
Use cases that we need to explore
  • multiple addresses
  • multiple last names
  • can tool fetch info out of source systems directly
  • how to call at account creation time via API
  • supported matching algorithms (documentation says you can replace the implementation of any given algorithm)
  • internationalization
Registry veal responses and code review plan
  • Each team will present evaluation plan next week
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