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Jimmy Vuccolo


Matt Sargent

Indiana U / Kuali

Eric Westfall

Indiana U / Kuali

Dedra Chamberlin


Omer Almatary


RL "Bob" Morgan



  1. Introductions/Roll Call
  2. Action Items from Last time
    1. All : Outreach to other, potential parties for evaluation participation
  3. Dedra: Proposed Evaluation timeline/dates
    1. Timeline
    2. Evaluation Questions

Action Items

matt - create subpages for registry possible solutions
dedra - setup meeting for Id Match folks


dedra - last week we agreed to the new, revised timeline.  instead of going through each solution 1 at a time, we'll send out questions out to each area, any additional Qs would have been in by this past Wednesday (2/8) with a goal to have feedback in by 2/24.  Renee will reply for PSU, Omer will respond for Rutgers, Eric W will respond for Kuali.  
So as far as that part goes, we need to get them out to each group to get the evaluation out of way.  Looking at the solution you have in place w/summary information and documentation for the questions that are being sent out.
I'll go ahead and try to schedule the times for the review groups on the IdM side, the review task force.  Any questions on that process?

eric - do we have a preference on how those responses are delivered or captured, in the wiki probably?

dedra - a separate page in the wiki for each solution sounds like the best approach.

matt - I'll create those subpages and let each group's rep know where it lives.

dedra - for the ID match, i need to get some meetings scheduled.  there's the straw man that we can build dev specs off of.  One of the people on the Berkley team is looking at the other open source software that's been discovered.

matt - what's that other options called

dedra - OpenEMPI or OpenEPMI

jimmy - there's a link in the work stream tasks page

dedra - part of the evaluation of that is what the id match subgroup can start looking at.  hopefully the question process won't be too heavy on those groups.  we have some overlap in the responders and the reviewers, there's some structure but we're all working on it at the same time…good times!
I did add one member to the mailing list from Berkley, Karl will help on the Registry part. Venu Alla is doing the VM download of the OpenEPMI option and is helping Berkley.
As far as mailing lists go, should they be separated?  I was thinking no?

matt - keep just one would make sense to me

eric - yeah

dedra - ok we'll have some convention in the subject line to keep things sorted a bit.

eric - I was looking at the timeline and there were 2 takes, I assume the take 2 is the one we're going with?

dedra - yes, but we are behind on the IdMatch part.  just need to get things moving…next week for sure.  but on the registry stuff we're on track it seems and the plan looks to be agreed upon.
Omer, was there someone else you wanted me to add and for what role?

omer - Muhammad Siddique is already on the lists

dedra - great, i'll add him to the groups so that he's part of that.

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