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  • 11-Jun-2013 Meeting Agenda and Notes
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Meeting Details: Tuesdays, 4:00 - 5:00 pm Eastern Time, 1:00 - 2:00 Pacific Time
   Dial-in numbers:
      +1-734-615-7474 (Please use if you do not pay for Long Distance),
      +1-866-411-0013 (toll free US/Canada Only)  
    Access code: 0150432#


  1. Agenda bash (all)
  2. IAM Online on Provisioning - June 12, 2013 (Rob, Keith, Jimmy, Jeremy)
    1. Slide decks
    2. Presentation order
    3. Overview
  3. Provisioning Roadmap & the CIFER-Coord effort to roadmap CIFER as a whole (Keith & Rob)
    1. Coord virtual F2F slated for mid-July
    2. Discussion (last week?) at Apereo conference?
  4. Working toward a functional architecture description of Provisioning (Rob)
    1. Looking to have draft document soon (days not weeks)
    2. Modeling after Jimmy's document on the architecture of CPR & RL Bob's functional document
    3. Possibly review and revamp some of this: Rough Provisioning Architectural Diagrams
  5. Technical architecture straw man (Rob)
    1. P&I Architecture Diagrams (mark II draft)
    2. Updates (still pending...)
    3. Possible inclusion at end of IAM Online (but doubt there'll be time...)
  6. Technical architecture PoC with Camel (Keith)
    NOTE: CIFER API calls are biweekly on Wednesdays at Noon Eastern, 9:00 am Pacific;
    Same conference call line as this call, with access code 0121717#




    Omer Almatary

    Rutgers University


    Rob Carter

    Duke University


    Celeste Copeland

    Univ. of North Carolina


    Warren Curry

    U Florida


    Michele Decker

    U of Notre Dame


    Tom Dopirak



    Jeremy Grieshop

    Clemson University


    Keith Hazelton

    UW-Madison / Internet2


    Karsten Huneycutt

    Univ. of North Carolina


    Steve Olshansky



    Derek Owen

    U of Notre Dame


    Andrew Petro



    Chris Phillips

    Canarie, CA


    Gary Sharpe

    UC Davis


    Muhammad Siddique

    Rutgers University


    Bill Thompson

    Unicon / Jasig


    Boyd Wilson

    Clemson University


    Jimmy Vuccolo

    Penn State


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