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  • 11-Dec-2012 Meeting Agenda and Notes
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Meeting Details: Tuesdays, 4:00 - 5:00 pm Eastern Time, 1:00 - 2:00 Pacific Time
   Dial-in numbers:
       +1-734-615-7474 (Please use if you do not pay for Long Distance),
      +1-866-411-0013 (toll free US/Canada Only)  
    Access code: 0150432#





Omer Almatary

Rutgers University


Rob Carter

Duke University


Celeste Copeland

Univ. of North Carolina


Warren Curry

U Florida


Michele Decker

U of Notre Dame


Tom Dopirak



Jeremy Grieshop

Clemson University


Keith Hazelton

UW-Madison / Internet2


Karsten Huneycutt

Univ. of North Carolina


Steve Olshansky



Derek Owen

U of Notre Dame


Andrew Petro



Chris Phillips

Canarie, CA


Gary Sharpe

UC Davis


Muhammad Siddique

Rutgers University


Bill Thompson

Unicon / Jasig


Boyd Wilson, Jeremy Grieshop

Clemson University


Jimmy Vuccolo

Penn State



  1. Call Schedule Change
    1. Alternating weeks between API-focused calls and Use Case-focused calls
    2. Everyone's welcome to both, but...
    3. This week: Use Cases
  2. We'll continue our discussion of notification protocols identity registries can use to signal events of potential interest to consumer systems. Jimmy Vuccolo from Penn State will join us again to provide more details about XMPP and JMS/STOMP support in the CIFER-associated Central Person Registry package.
    • I can talk details next week, just wanted to pass along that I have things working.  
    •  I can send messages to ActiveMQ, which can be picked up by an XMPP client.  
    • The cool thing is like I predicted the change from Queue to Topic within the CPR is only a couple of lines of code.
    • Here are current message formats that we send out from the CPR:
  3. Selecting use cases, models for testing
    1. How do we choose the models to test – democracy? autocracy? Monte Carlo?
    2. How do we select use cases for model testing?
    3. Nature of testing – tabletop, PoC, full reference implementation?
  4. Next CIFER P&I call in one week (18 December)

NOTE: CIFER API calls are biweekly on Wednesdays at Noon Eastern, 9:00 am Pacific; Next CIFER API call is on 12 December
Same conference call line as this call, with access code 0121717#


  1. April 30, 2013 Targets
    1. Demo solutions implemented and documented including recipes, tool choices and code snippets
    2. Detailed roadmap for P&I deliverables over following 12-18 months
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