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Benn Oshrin

Internet2 / Various


Eric Westfall

Indiana U / Kuali


Jeremy Rosenberg



Jimmy Vuccolo



Renee Shuey



RL "Bob" Morgan

U. Washington / Internet2


Steven Carmody



Matt Sargent




  1. Introductions/Roll Call
  2. All - Status Updates
    1. Project Proposal - Eric/Matt
    2. Strategy Group - Bob


steve - at the I2 conference last week, there were quite a few sessions on middleware also a new variety of schools than before (liberal arts schools, etc.). the net+ services were the big announcement, an arrangement for for discounts for storage integrated with campus middleware services for login and groups.  HP providing cloud based VMs and not charging for transport (as opposed how Amazon does it). The promise of higher integration with existing campus infrastructure.  there was session by Benn and Bob talking about our efforts on OSIdM4HE. Discovered there were quite a few campuses looking for a solution so an off-the-agenda meeting was setup with about 50 folks, maybe 2/3 have a project underway, some with Oracle, most are in the can't wait phase though. Dedra and Mark from NCState are running a working group on IdM tools in parallel to this effort have been collecting use cases. Have pushed both groups toward that, hopefully this will attract those that aren't too far along and are in the requirements stage, kind of need to see where we overlap with them.

bob - tried out the pitch on a few CIOs who responded with positive remarks; Duke seemed interested in knowing more. Need more to express provisioning, levels of assurance, etc. If we want to get more interest we need to push those things along with "cloud enable".

eric - seems like there's a strong trend towards those things right now. seems we could get in a good place if we make sure those are priorities.

bob - turns into requirements on the registry stuff too, but it seems we've captured that too.

eric - sounds like good stuff from I2.  matt/eric need to put together a framework for the project work on the registry side, if there's any input anyone wants to share, please feel free to let us know that.

bob - maybe just include the items we've been talking about lately.  time-to-market, our requirements...

eric - we don't want to say we'll see v1 in 3 years, but we need to be realistic and release frequently and more often adding features as we go along.

bob - right, that seems to be the correct strategy

eric - we should be able to pull upon what we've done now.  include things upfront with the cloud enabled, pluggable should be there.

bob - in I2 cloud enabled they call those services net+ along with new capabilities.  federation and such as well

eric - i know our CIO likes to call them "above campus services"

bob/eric - EDUCAUSE seems to be the next time we'll have a conference to discuss this stuff.  Eric will be there, not sure who from Bob and Steve.

eric - Kuali is having a something for CIO folks where we could talk about this at EDUCAUSE.  i need to check with Bill Yock to see about his attendance

steve - what are the next steps for the deliverables from the subgroups?

bob - that's pretty much our project plan, etc.

steve - on the requirements side do we need to take that any further?

eric - seems like that's something we want to do once an actual project moves along, but seems like we wouldn't discourage if someone wants to tackle that though

bob - yeah, those specifics do need to be defined, but that would be helpful when folks are looking at the wiki and such.

eric - seems like there's a set of arch. or tech requirements that aren't there, modularity coupling and such.  but the strategy group is putting in the reference architecture listing though.

bob - steve, seems like we should have those in the wiki for future considerations, reflections etc.

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