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  • Notes 11.26.2014 Conference Call
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  • Agenda bash
  • Sign off on content of report except the recommendations for future work
  • Discussion and selection of recommendations to include in the report

Call Notes

  • Attendees
    • David Walker, Internet2
    • Janemarie Duh, Lafayette College
    • Shaun Abshere, WiscNet
    • Dedra Chamberlin, Cirrus
    • Ben Poliakoff, Reed College
    • Scott Koranda, Spherical Cow Group
    • Mark Scheible, MCNC
    • David Alexander, IdM Integration
  • Sign-off on report
    • All were in favor of accepting the body of the report minus the recommendations which were to be discussed
    • Addition of use cases to the report
      • Dedra had to redact IPs and hosts which may make hers not make sense but she can look at it again. It is for simplesamlphp for a campus using CAS.
    • The last TAC meeting of the year is 12/11 and we are planning to send in the report before then
      • Janemarie will send message out to the group for sign-off
  • Recommendations for future work
    • A valuable discussion took place of what the problems are and potential solutions for them
    • Mark Scheible and Shaun are good with what we highlighted and think the recommendations are gravy since we've accomplished our task in the report
    • Recommendation 3.3 will need volunteers. Can InCommon/Internet2 Marketing/Promotions help?
    • Recommendation 1.5 is critical
      • Target broader venues such as Educause
      • Define target audience
      • In order for vendors telling clients about InCommon, they need to see the value of federation
      • Consider targeting
      • Getting people to be aware of InCommon
      • A cookbook would have to be tied to doing outreach
    • Ben - likes 1.3 but expressed concern about the anxiety of adopting a solution that is later abandoned. Standardization would be of high value so if the original solution goes away, something of value is left.
    • Shaun - 1.1 and 1.2 are dependent on 3.1
      • Tied into OARnet. Experiencing the same problem on a micro level.
      • Make a  basic case for federation
    • Dave Alexander - IdM Integration is seeing business from SPs but not from campuses. So they can't make any aware of InCommon.
    • Mark - Quilt and InCommon working on a model to get MCNC regional to be a front for bringing new members to InC -
    • Case studies on how great InCommon is
    • List of orgs to target
    • Interview CIOs of schools who aren't in InCommon*
    • Mark - some SPs have adopted SAML but not joined InCommon. The SPs don't want to publish their metadata. They think that it makes things too easy and could result in loss of profit.
      • Dedra is working with Ann Ogilvie (spelling?) of InC
      • Affiliates will be merged into I2 gold partner program
    • Summarize for TAC, either as an appendix or in a separate note, what the problems are and potential solutions.
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