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  • Notes 11.12.2014 Conference Call
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Call Notes

  • Attendees
    • Scott Koranda, Spherical Cow Group
    • Ben Poliakoff, Reed College
    • Steven Carmody, Brown University
    • Jay, IdM Integration
    • Mike Grady, Unicon
    • David Walker, Internet2
    • Janemarie Duh, Lafayette College
  • Report discussion
    • Flesh out what needs to happen in the cases of outsourcing
    • Send item to list about use cases to include in the report
    • Scott noted that there is still a fair amount of work that needs to be done in case of vendor support such as back-and-forth on policy, login file creation/tweaks, consideration of what the browser sees, branding, etc. Address this in the report.
    • For certain recommendations, we might be asked to write a charter for a new group
    • Future work
      • All possibilities involve InCommon taking on new work or a new role
      • Consultant hours - InCommon buying and selling them at a discount or free to members
      • Steven suggested adding another column with labeled value, i.e., how much might it deliver, the expected impact, etc.
      • Email the list and ask members to look at recommendations and provide feedback
      • An assessment would have to be repeated annually to be current and have value
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