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  • Notes 10.15.2014 Conference Call
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Roll Call

  • Agenda Bash
  • Strategies and assessment grid
    • Review example deployments
    • Review use cases and check on status of approval requests for vendor use cases
  • Report
    • Draft and discussion (a link to the draft is forthcoming)

Call Notes

  • Attendees
    • Mark Scheible, MCNC
    • David Walker, Internet2
    • Scott Koranda, Spherical Cow Group
    • Steven Carmody, Brown University
    • Ben Poliakoff, Reed College
    • Lou Delzompo, California Community Colleges
    • Dedra Chamberlin, Cirrus Identity
    • Mark Beadles, OARnet
    • Chris Phillips, CANARIE
    • Shaun Abshere, WiscNet
    • Janemarie Duh, Lafayette College
  • Example deployments/use cases
    • Move white space to the bottom of the grid
    • Confirmed Google Apps Gateway is same as Cirrus solution. copy row content.
    • Chris: IdP installer - runs Shib IdP 2.4 deployed on CentOS. Connects to AD. CANARIE ships the installer. Used by Swedish and Canadian federations. Looking at CAS in addition to LDAP.
    • Will go over Shaun's case if there is time (didn't have time)
    • Mark Scheible will check on OARnet use cases
    • Dedra has permission to release Cirrus use case
  • Report
    • Add section on future recommendations
    • Reference sections for systems which would apply to Hub and Spoke
    • Decision tree or flow map
    • Rework the introduction as an executive summary
    • Is Java synonymous with Linux deployments?
    • Are any of the "tech basics" columns not critical to a deployment? This could be a discussion point during ACAMP. Do they apply to InCommon now or later?
      • Brainstorming: futures section, additional considerations, vendor/campus mentors 
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