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  • Notes 08.20.2014 Conference Call
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  • Strategies and criteria
    • Should running your own Shib idp be added for comparison?
    • Arrive at consensus for final set of alternatives
    • Get volunteer fact-finders for each strategy

Call Notes

Mark Beadles, OARnet
Mark Scheible, MCNC R&E network
Steven Carmody, Brown University
Scott Koranda, Spherical Cow
Shaun Abshere, WiscNet
Dan Zweifel, Washington U St. Louis
Emmet Culley, CCC
Ben Poliakoff, Reed College
David Walker, Internet2
Janemarie Duh, Lafayette College
Tom Scavo, Internet2

  • Strategies and assessment criteria grid
    • Rows
      • IDaaS
        • Do we need a glossary of terms? Could get confusing to write.
        • Describe IDaaS as out of scope
        • Add examples to strategies, e.g., Netherlands for Hub and Spoke
      • Add Shib in a Box as separate row
    • Columns
      • Authentication is out of scope for SAML
        • Change MFA and assurance to Multiple SAML Authn context (to what extent? could be 0, 1, or multiple)
      • Group entity attributes with attribute release?
        • No
      • Attribute release
        • Clarify
          • What can be provided by the local IdMS?
          • What can the data elements be?
          • What needs to be facilitated for the release?

Action Items

  • Add Shib in a Box as row
    • Tap Chris from CANARIE for factfinder
  • David and Janemarie do sample strategy doc and template
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