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  • Notes 08.06.2014 Conference Call
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08/06/2014 Conference Call


  • Introductions
  • Charter
  • Goals and time frame
  • Brainstorming: strategies and assessment criteria - what are the alternatives we want to talk about and how do we evaluate them.
Goals for first call:
  • Assemble group
  • Begin to think of the alternatives
  • Finish the strategies and assessment brainstorming list after the call
  • Later, determine which alternatives the group will pursue, form sub-groups to work on each with fact-gatherers reporting back

Call Notes

Shaun Abshere - WISCNET
Chris Liechty - WISCNET
Bill Weems - UT Houston
Dan Zweifel - Washington U St. Louis
Mark Scheible - MCNC R&E network
Tom Scavo - InCommon
Chris Phillips - CANARIE
Mark Jones - UT Houston
Steven Carmody - Brown U
Emmett Culley - CCC
David Walker - Internet2
Janemarie Duh - Lafayette College

  • Intros
    • Chris: Canadian Access Federation (CAF) operator  - co-developed Shibboleth and eduroam IdP installer used by CAF and SWAMID federation for IdP installation
    • Mark: R&E network - K-20 federation pilot - varying use cases
    • Shaun: R&E network - serves everyone but U Wisconsin - working on "opt-in" federated ID system
    • Dan: hosted SaaS - provide SSO and still provide resiliency 
    • Mark and Bill: problems with SPs - provisioning them on the IdP
    • Tom: as manager of InC Federation operations, works with IdP operators and prospective IdP operators almost daily
  • Problems identified
    • Lack of people who understand SAML.
    • Lack of vendors with good outsourcing offerings.
    • It's not just the IdP…the backend IdMS may be the real issue.
    • InCommon value proposition is not well understood among decision makers
  • Is there an overlap with CIFER?
    • No. They are focused on the future and have a larger scope. The alt IdPs group is addressing existing options and focuses on the IdP.
    • We will want to inform them of our findings.
  • Action items:
    • Mention Internet2 Intellectual Property Framework to InCommon Affiliates if they participate in calls
    • Grant wiki edit access to participants - done
    • Add brief descriptions of the strategies to the grid - done
    • Add to strategies: Ping Identity, SimpleSAMLphp, CAS, social gateways
    • Add as criteria: ability to consume metadata- done
      • In general, we'll want to flesh out "base-level" functionality
    • Add benefits to the criteria - done
    • Add wording to the wiki home page that the group is focused on a solution that an entire campus will use, not just for certain users as in the case of external identities
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