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Building Identity Trust Federations Conference Call

January 19, 2011

1) In Attendance

  • Suresh Balakrishnan (University System of Maryland)
  • Mark Beadles (OARnet)
  • Jeanne Blochwitz (UW-Madison)
  • Randy Frank (Internet2)
  • Renee Frost (Internet2)
  • Joseph Giroux (California Community Colleges)
  • Keith Hazelton (UW-Madison)
  • Michael Hodges (University of Hawaii)
  • Harper Johnson (Northern Arizona University)
  • George Laskaris (NJ Edge)
  • Steve Olshansky (Internet2)
  • Benn Oshrin (Internet2)
  • Mark Rank (UW-Milwaukee)
  • Mark Scheible (NCSU)
  • Randy Stout (Kansas Board or Regents)
  • Jack Suess (UMBC)
  • Steve Thorpe (MCNC)
  • Valerie Vogel (EDUCAUSE)
  • James Werle (University of Washington & Internet2 K20 Initiative)
  • Ann West (Internet2/InCommon)

2) InCommon Update by Jack Suess, CIO, UMBC & InCommon Steering Committee Chair

  • NOTE: The slides from today's call are available to view or download.
  • Jack noted that this group is a critical set of stakeholders, and he intends to join as many of these calls as possible over the next year. He also offered to take any issues raised by this group back to the Steering Committee for further discussion and feedback.
  • The InCommon Future’s Report was released in 2009 with 13 recommendations (see PDF). One of the commitments made to the community and stakeholders is to use this report as InCommon moves forward (making adjustments, as needed).
  • Business Plan Recommendations
  • Set a goal to have 265 participants by 2010. Met that goal with 266 participants (189 universities and colleges, 8 government labs and agencies, 69 sponsored partners). Aiming for 390 in 2011.
  • Also have 4 InCommon Affiliates (Microsoft, AegisUSA, Gluu, UNICON) and 79 subscribers to the new Cert Service.
  • Building the Value Proposition
    • Certificate Service (provides the most comprehensive set of certificate services on the market at a single low price).
    • Research (Dept of Energy labs, NIH just released 50 services accessible through InCommon, NSF report on campus CI calls InCommon key. This will likely generate additional service providers).
    • Microsoft LIVE365 Launch (will bring native SAML support to Microsoft platform).
    • Pushing adoption of InCommon services by participants – i.e., finding the killer app(s).
    • Explore hosted federation solutions and metadata aggregation tools.
  • Laying the Groundwork for 2012 – InCommon will also focus on the following in 2011:
    • Defining our relationship with US-UCAN communities.
    • Launch first LOA-based applications.
    • Continue to enhance outreach efforts (this includes supporting and advancing InCommon efforts through state networks and regionals).
    • Building a stronger relationship with service providers.
    • Developing vendor-based solutions for deploying and operating the IdM requirements.
    • Reviewing and assessing our governance structure. (The Steering Committee hopes to submit recommendations by the end of 2011.)
  • Discussion & Questions:
    • The group agreed that these activities support the goals of US-Trust.
    • What is the timeline for the personal cert rollout? February is the expectation. They hope to sit down with a broader set of schools at the Internet2 meeting in April and really push this out by the summer.
    • The group would like to hear more about trust services and LOA-based applications on a future call with Jack.
    • The state networks have been a little slow to engage, but the hype around cloud services is helping them see federation as a critical next step.
    • George mentioned that he’ll be presenting a Federated IdM Workshop at the Quilt & StateNets Winter Member Meeting next month (February 7-9 in La Jolla, CA) and he’d like to share some of the information presented today
    • Federation in the K-12 community is critical, as well. They may focus on K-12 stakeholders, possibly with a workshop. InCommon is also willing to work on pilots with people who want to do things immediately (similar to what’s being done in North Carolina).

3) Next Call, February 16

  • Recent Developments from UCTrust, featuring Albert Wu, Director, Middleware Services, UCLA and David Ernst, CIO and Associate Vice President, UCOP