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Building Identity Trust Federations Conference Call

December 19, 2012

1) In Attendance

  • Keith Hazelton (UW-Madison)
  • George Laskaris (NJEDge.Net)
  • Greg Monaco (Kansas State University)
  • John Moore (MCNC)
  • Steve Olshansky (Internet2)
  • Benn Oshrin (Internet2)
  • Mark Scheible (MCNC)
  • Valerie Vogel (EDUCAUSE)
  • Ann West (Internet2)

2) InCommon's New Distributed Framework for Federation

  • John Moore, Mark Scheible, George Laskaris, & Ann West spoke about a recent effort chartered by InCommon and designed to develop a new distributed framework for federation that would extend InCommon Federation Services to K-12 (and potentially other CAIs) in collaboration with regional networks.
  • Details were also provided about a one-day workshop to be held during the February Quilt meeting in La Jolla, CA. More details are available at:
  • InCommon formed a working group to look at the issues, general approaches, and what would make sense in terms of a partnership for regional networks (delegating to regional networks and help develop a model that would scale well for the rest of the community). They are interested in serving groups of community colleges, K-12, and smaller institutions.
  • IdM cyberinfrastructure that might let Net+ program scale beyond R1 institutions, so Shel Waggener is involved.
  • Others participating include: Jim Siegel with Fairfax County K-12, Mike Berman (CENIC board member, but also dealing with K-12 in CA). Steve O., Ann West, John K., James W., and Jack Suess are supporting from InCommon.
  • Don't have appropriate metadata to work with K-12. Extend eduPerson affiliation to work with K-12.
  • Developed use cases for K-12 to get involved, including drivers for K-12.
  • Wanted to target an effort to work more closely with regionals. Delegated federated responsibilities.
  • Hosting a 1-day workshop in La Jolla in February. Bringing federated IdM policy and technical people together. Program committee developing an agenda for the workshop. Will have a technical track and a policy track.
    • Mark: Distributed federation model that allows regionals to carry federated services to some of the less experienced and/or resource challenged organizations. Also work through some of the issues for K-12 and some of the community colleges or other small higher ed institutions that don't quite fit the model that InCommon was originally based on for research institutions.
  • Friday, January 18, 1 pm ET – Introduction to Federations and InCommon webinar (basic intro/terminology). The second webinar is Friday, January 25, 1 pm ET – it will provide a more in-depth overview of models and strategies that could be used in a distributed framework for federation. More details are available in the attached Word document.
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