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Building Identity Trust Federations

Wednesday, Dec 17 at 4:00pm ET
Bridge Number: 877-944-2300
Passcode: 99205#

Welcome & introduction of participants

In attendance:
Grace Agnew, NJvid

Jeanne Blochwitz, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Brian Burkhart, OneNet
Steven Carmody, Brown University
Sujay Daniel, NJEGge.Net
Derwin Skip, Arizona State University
Duffy Gilman, University of Arizona
Clair Goldsmith, University of Texas System
Rich Greenfield, University of Alaska
Steven Carmody, Brown University
Charles Hedrick, Rutgers University
Linda Hilton, Vermont State College
Gavin Hogan, SUNY
Matt Howard, eTech Ohio Commission
Jim Jacob, Ohio Supercomputing Center
Ron Jans, Rutgers University Library
Harper Johnson, Northern Arizona University
Ken Klingenstein, Internet2
George Laskaris, NJEDge.Net (chair)
Mike McGee, Ohio Supercomputing Center
Bob Morgan, University of Washington and Internet2
Ben Oshrin, Rutgers University
Todd Piket, Minnesota State Colleges and Universities
David Purcell, Minnesota State Colleges and Universities
Randy Raw, MORENet
Andy Rosenzweig, Merit
Paul Schopis, Oarnet & The Quilt
Garret Sern, EDUCAUSE
Pankaj Shah, Ohio Supercomputing Center
Nick Terrible, University of Wisconsin
Ann West, Internet2

Chris Michaels and Lou Armenian (question)

Action Items

•    Submit 2-3 sentence blurbs on current projects and issues.

Overview of the purpose for the call

•    Target of this call is to increase collaboration for statewide id management collaborations.
•    This effort is to leverage this community to help implementation strategies, focused on the high-level ideas for crafting these statewide federations.
•    Not looking into technical specifics.
•    Looking to gauge interest from participants and to see where we should move forward.

Gauging level of interest among participants

Open discussion of efforts currently underway in individual states:

New Jersey
o    library and museum proposed a grant two years ago to develop a statewide digital portal.
o    NJVid commons, looking into commercial videos, learning on demand (learning objects). Some will be openly available, others restricted.
o    Looking to build on a statewide CI which will allow further collaboration. Fedora architecture and stateside shibboleth implementation two key components to this effort.
o    Have statewide video network functioning with shibboleth configuration aspects with expected release in the next several months. Some challenges include getting right information from the community to populate the right attributes. For the universities it's pretty straightforward in implementing shibboleth, but once you get below this level we may have to download administrative data and run a proxy.
o    Finding not much K-12 statewide collaboration, but on a district/county approach. (May want to look at Ideal model from Arizona state portal, driven by Arizona Dept. of Education) Parts of this will be open source soon, particularly idea mapping system. Currently developing a toolkit as part of the grant for others to follow and it will be available on the NJvid website.
o    One of the issues is that this identification process is not common outside of the academic structure. Looking to broaden this to public libraries through our mapping system. (LDAP).

o    Setting up a tri-university federation under the Arizona Board of Regents. In proof of concept stage, with no particular projects. Laying infrastructure.

New York
o    Primary focus in protecting business systems currently up and running. 2nd technology center in Buffalo as we set up a statewide federation among 64 campuses.
o    Currently homegrown ID management system. Expect growing problems given the disparity in resources among NY higher education community.
o    Article of business intelligence project currently underway, with financial data need to be protected. Confluence of data storage and exchange of knowledge among universities. We've looked at Oracle ID management piece, with documentation being #1 problem. All bought in different pieces. Perhaps this is something we may want to take more control over and not be so vendor dependent? Challenging due to loose fitting organization.

o    Unity project with seed money from federal program to collect information on NCLB, moving towards process of federated ID management among 53 school districts.

Participant Comments

•    Steven Carmody, Brown University: should expect interoperability of SAML2 products. Operational tasks/burdens vary, however. Also need to keep FERPA requirements in consideration.
•    Ken Klingenstein: raises the question for process of disseminating information on this topic. Perhaps employing a Wiki and breaking down the information geographically?  Let's not wait until everything is ready before exchanging information. Ken will share international website with information on projects being undertaken around the globe which may help us organize our own Wiki. Helpful to find out what other people on this group are doing and sharing tools as well as techniques for developing working relationships.
Strategies and approaches under consideration

Future agenda topics and next steps

•    Participants finding this of value. Perhaps have an hour and a half call? Perhaps set up a regular slot each month, Wednesday's
•    Suggestion of sending George or the list two or three sentences on what you are doing. Ann West noted the US Trust Federation Wiki is now live.

Potential Dates for next call

•    Wed. 3pm or 4pm, Thurs. 3pm or 4pm (third week of each month), ninety minute window.

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