Here’s How the Monthly Updates will Work:

Each month a representative from each Working Group, product team, or any other “moving part” of the TIER project will give a very brief update (a short bulleted list will be fine) on:

  1. What has transpired during the previous month that others may want to know about?
  2. What work do you have planned for the upcoming month?
  3. Do you have any roadblocks or need support?

Remember - brevity is a virtue! Focus on what others need to know rather than all that you did or the whole story.

Someone from Internet2 will send out a monthly nag about these updates to WG chairs and team leads. They’ll also maintain a list of recipients who may be interested in the great work that you are doing.

Here's the Report Template:

January 2018 Update: InCommon Working Groups

Sample WG


Last Month

  • We did lots of great work!

This Month

  • We have lots of fun work planned.


  • None


  • No labels