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  ↳my/grouper (git|docker-compose)↳my/comanage (git|docker-compose)


Creating a local Dockerfile based on the TIER appliances to create campus customizations is always possible. One can then build a container and push to a local registry for deployment in a campus environment.

e.g. Create a local Dockerfile:

FROM my/grouper 

ARG maintainer=$maintainer 
ARG imagename=$imagename 
ARG version=$version 

RUN echo hello world 

Build the local container:

docker build --rm -t $maintainer/$imagename --build-arg maintainer=$maintainer --build-arg imagename=$imagename --build-arg version=$version . 


Now, run the following command:

docker images 

The container should be in the local repo, named my/localpackagename in this case.

Source code for TIER containers/VMs are located at the following URL:

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